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Technology Coordination Board

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The Technology Coordination Board (TCB) provides the forum for EGI to coordinate the requirements, assessment, delivery and verification of software technology as it moves into the production infrastructure.


The TCB-Cloud is own the technical roadmap in the cloud service area and is responsible for its maintenance and evolution.


  • Chairman: E. Fernandez/EGI Foundation
  • Cloud standards, OCCI, OpenNebula: B. Parak/CESNET
  • Cloud standards, CDMI, data management: /CYFRONET
  • Cloud integration modules: A. Lopez/CSIC
  • INDIGO DataCloud: G. Donvito/INFN
  • EGI Technology and Operations: V. Spinoso/INFN, T. Ferrari/EGI Foundation
  • OpenStack cloud providers: M. Antonacci/INFN, RECAS; J. Pansanel/France Grilles, IN2P3; V. Tran/II SAS
  • Synefo: K. Koumantaros/GRNET