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Technology Software Component Delivery Software Provisioning UMD Middleware Cloud Middleware Distribution Containers Distribution Technology Glossary

Welcome to EGI Technology. The EGI Technology wiki space aims at providing a platform for documenting all types of documentation related to technology, system architecture and innovation.

  • Software Provisioning - activity governs and executes processes through which EGI ensures that deployed software
  • Middleware - information concerning Middleware supported in EGI, (Product teams, support, decommissioning and operations calendars, UMD release schedule, requirements gathering)
  • Technology Glossary - terms that are used in describing the processes of provisioning and supporting software for EGIs production infrastructure.

If you want to contact EGI for comments, questions or any kind of feedback related to the following pages, please send an e-mail to operations at or submit a ticket to the "Operations" Support Unit in the EGI Helpdesk.

Management boards

  • Technology Coordination Board (TCB)
    The TCB governs the overall process of technology evolution through negotiating formal agreements with Technology Providers who are responsible for the constant delivery of software according to the requirements developed and specified by the EGI Community (End users ans Operations). Members of the TCB are members of the executive management of, representing the EGI User Community, the EGI Operations Community, and EGI Software Provisioning activity. Furthermore, key representatives of affiliated Technology Providers partake meetings of the TCB providing input, guidance and feedback from software engineering experts within their teams.
  • Quality Assurance Task Force (QATF)
    The Quality Assurance Task Force provides a forum for specialists in Quality Assurance from EGI and affiliated Technology Providers as a regular forum for continuous review and improvements of the Quality Criteria defined within EGI.
  • Automation Task Force (ATF)
    The Automation Task Force coordinates the technical processes and integration points for Technology Providers and EGI's technical implementation of the Software Provisioning process. Experts in process automation, repository maintenance and software provisioning from EGI and its affiliated Technology Providers define the processes and artifacts required to sustain continuous software provisioning on EGIs production infrastructure.

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