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The EGI Technology wiki space aims at providing a platform for documenting all types of documentation related to technology, system architecture and innovation.

This type of cross-cutting documentation is a very young concept in EGI and will be expanded over time.

Governance & Coordination

All policies and processes that have anything to do with technology, and involve people dealing with technology require clear documentation and overview. This includes:

  • Technology Coordination Board
  • UMD Release Team (URT)
  • Technology Provider support network

Innovation Laboratory

Any technology deprecates over time, and is eventually replaced by alternative software and technology. In the very early stages in the technology lifecycle, anything new requires testing and some minimal proof of further exploring its suitability for the technology stack deployed in EGI.

Innovation labs can be experiments, proofs of concepts, task forces, informal collaborations. However, the key characteristics of any such lab are:

  • Short-lived, focused activity examining a well-scoped problem and potential solution
  • Documented outcome summarising the findings and outcomes, advocating pro or contra further examination under closer scrutiny and improved professional engineering.

See more: Innovation Laboratory

Deployed platforms

This section will provide over time an overview and high-level description of the Community Platforms deployed in the EGI production infrastructure.