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TCB Procedures & Processes

TCB Requirements Management process

A process by which the TCB is dealing with requirements that are brought to its attention through the EGI Management boards (OMB, UCB, and DMSU).

Document: DocDB #440


  • V12: 06 November 2012 at TCB-14.
  • V8: 23 November 2011 at TCB-9.

Minutes approval via Mailing List

A process by which the minutes of the last TCB meeting are approved via the TCB mailing list.


 Action: Provide minutes of the previous meeting
 Who: TCB secretary
 Due: TCB-x + 5 working days
 Action: Provide feedback with proposed changes to the DRAFT minutes
 Who: All participants of meeting TCB-x, at least.
 Due: 5 working days after draft minutes are available
 Action: Provide FINAL updated minutes according to feedback
 Who: TCB secretary
 Due: 1 working day after collecting feedback in Action (2)
 Any other issues with the minutes will be raised in writing to the TCB mailing list, and resolved at the following TCB meeting.