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The enhancement of the EGI accounting framework is necessary for the future sustainability of the EGI ecosystem and for the successful integration of heterogenous platforms and new resource types (data, virtualized resources, storage, desktop Grids, etc.).


  • steer the process of requirements gathering from Resource Centres and NGIs in new areas of development, with a particular focus on storage and virtualization. These requirements will be provided to the EGI technology providers and to the JRA1 product teams
  • analyse the PY2/PY3 development plans of EMI and IGE project, to make sure that what is proposed matches the requirements of the EGI Community
  • foster the convergence towards a common accounting solution for UNICORE Resource Centres
  • collect information about NGI business models that require the support of accounting
  • coordinate deployment plans of NGIs which publish summarized URs
  • discuss EGI accounting development and deployment plans with peer grids to ensure future interoperability


2 years

Expected Output

  • PM2 Document the timeline of any further output
  • documentation about use cases (first pass will be available after the workshop at the TF2011 in Lyon)
  • feedback to EMI and IGE about the respective roadmaps
  • coordinated deployment plan of new accounting capabilities


  • Chairman. T. Ferrari/
  • EGI-InSPIRE JRA1 partners participating to accounting development and JRA1 activity manager (D. Cesini/INFN)
  • OMB requirements gathering. P. Solagna/
  • EGI central tools and APEL deployment. J. Gordon/STFC
  • EMI project representative/s
  • IGE project representative/s
  • UNICORE representative/s. To be appointed
  • EGI coordinator of interoperation activities. E. Imamagic/SRCE
  • OSG representative (GRATIA). T. Levshina/OSG
  • NGI_NDGF representative (SGAS deployment). U. Tigerstedt/CSC
  • NGI_IT representative (DGAS deployment). A. Cristofori/INFN
  • NGI_DE/NGI_PL/NGI_BE representatives. To be appointed
  • UCST representative. To be appointed