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  • [[Category:Special Interest groups]] ...sed in a relational database, not an XML DTD. This is being discussed in a special group in EMI chaired by Cristina:
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  • [[Category:Special Interest groups]] '''Resource Allocation''' - is the distribution of resources among competing groups of people or programs. It is used to assign the available resources in an e
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  • * Integrate with the EGI Federated AAI: Only allow certain users in certain groups (i.e. VOs) to publish VM images and image updates. ...ud infrastructure research communities (e.g. specialised AAI integrations, special VM image audit and endorsement procedures).
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  • * Working with WeNMR testing with INDIGO. Interest from Chipster community to test EGI DataHub * No special dissemination activities the last weeks.
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  • ...user tickets and tickets for achieving the special requirements of various groups like the LHC VOs or EGI operations. This dashboard can be used for getting quick access to any ticket of interest. Each ticket has to be added manually.
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