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see https://confluence.egi.eu/display/EGISLM/Service+Level+Target+-+Quality+of+Support
Quality of Support was introduced to track responsiveness of GGUS Support Unit.
= Definition  =
Quality of Support is calculated and reported by [https://ggus.eu/?mode=report_view GGUS report Genegrator] and is based on '''response time value'''.
<br> The response time is a performance figure calculated from the Support Unit's point of view. It describes how quick a support unit is reacting on tickets.
Response time is the time from
*either assigning a ticket to a support unit and the support unit is kept until the first status changes to any other value than "assigned",
*or assigning a ticket to a support unit and the status value "assigned" is kept until the support unit changes to any other support unit (re-assign).
The response time is calculated as '''difference between the time stamp changing the status or re-assigning the ticket and the assign time stamp'''. While assigning a ticket to a support unit the expected response time stamp is calculated by adding an amount of time to the assign time stamp.
<br> ''Response times are based on office hours. Hence the results unit is working days.''
= Threshold  =
There are three different QoS levels, each defining different [[FAQ Report Generator (GGUS)#Response_time|response times]] for given [[FAQ GGUS-Ticket-Priority|Ticket Priority]].
Description of all Levels can be found here [[FAQ GGUS-QoS-Levels|FAQ GGUS QoS Levels]].
QoS can be defined separately for each Support Unit.
= How to check which ticket cause the problem =
Go to [https://ggus.eu/?mode=report_view GGUS report generator]
* ''Response time'' type of report
* date range
* Support Unit
* tick ''group by priority'' 
Click the row you are interested in more details to get a view with all tickets that were taken into account in calculation.
= Reports  =
Monthly Reports are available at '''[[Resource Centres OLA and Resource infrastructure Provider OLA reports|'''Resource Centres OLA and Resource infrastructure Provider OLA reports wiki page''']]'''

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