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see https://confluence.egi.eu/display/EGISLM/Service+Level+Target+-+Availability+Reliability
= Definition  =
= Threshold  =
= Recomputation procedure =
Please refer to [[PROC10]].
= Reports =
Monthly EGI League Tables are accessible via the ARGO Web UI (Lavoisier) under the following link: '''<nowiki>http://argo.egi.eu/lavoisier/ngi_reports?month=YYYY-MM</nowiki>'''
To get results for a specific month one should replace YYYY and MM with the calendar year and month respectively, hence to obtain results for August 2015 the link should be formatted as follows: http://argo.egi.eu/lavoisier/ngi_reports?month=2015-08 .
Monthly Reports are also available at '''[[Resource_Centres_OLA_and_Resource_infrastructure_Provider_OLA_reports|'''Resource Centres OLA and Resource infrastructure Provider OLA reports wiki page''']]

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