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The '''Security Policy Group (SPG)''' aims to provide policies that define the expected behaviour of sites and users to ensure a secure distributed computing infrastructure
* [ Terms of Reference]
* [ SPG procedures]
* To contact spg: spg-discuss 'at' The EGI Security Policy Group discussion list
* [[SPG:Members|SPG Members]]
* [[SPG:Meetings|SPG Meetings and Minutes]]
* [[SPG:Documents|EGI Approved Security Policies]]
* [[SPG:Drafts|SPG Drafts - Policies and procedures under development]]
== Trust Anchors and EGI-IGTF Liaison ==
* [[EGI_IGTF_Release|Installing Trust Anchors for EGI from the IGTF Liaison function]]
* [[EGI_IGTF_Release_Process|EGI Trust Anchor release process]]
[[Category:Security Policy_Group (SPG)|*]]
[[Category:Policy groups]]

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