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Title:       EGI SVG 'ADVISORY' [TLP:AMBER] HIGH risk VOMS-Admin vulnerability [EGI-SVG-2020-17010]

Date:        2021-06-08

Affected software and risk

HIGH risk vulnerability affecting VOMS-Admin

Packages : VOMS-Admin and Apache Struts
CVE ID   : (Struts CVE) CVE-2020-17530

A serious vulnerability has been found in Apache Struts [R 1] [R 2] on which VOMS-Admin is dependent.  
So far no way has been found to exploit this vulnerability via VOMS-Admin.  VOMS-Admin has nonetheless
been updated to use the Struts version in which this vulnerability has been eliminated. 

Actions required/recommended

Sites running VOMS-Admin should update to voms-admin-server 3.8.1 (which uses Struts 2.5.26) 
as soon as they reasonably can if they have not done so already.

There is the possibility that this vulnerability could be raised to 'Critical' if a way were to be 
found to exploit this vulnerability in the context of VOMS-Admin, in which case sites would be required to update urgently.

Component installation information

The official repository for the distribution of grid middleware for EGI sites is which contains the EGI Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD).

Sites using the EGI UMD 4 should see:

(although at present this is not available)

The updated version of the RPM is at:--

Affected software details

Apache Struts 2.5.25 is found to contain a serious vulnerability. 

voms-admin-server 3.8.1 has been fixed to use Struts 2.5.26 which does not contain this vulnerability.

Earlier versions may be vulnerable.  

More information

The version of Apache Struts used by voms-admin-server 3.8.0 contains a serious vulnerability.  

The VOMS team have produced a new version (3.8.1) which uses Apache Struts 2.5.26 which does not contain this 
vulnerability, therefore sites are recommended to update to voms-admin-server 3.8.1.

So far, no way has been found to exploit this vulnerability when using VOMS-Admin.


** AMBER information - Limited distribution 
   - see for distribution restrictions **  

This advisory will be placed on the wiki on or after 2021-06-22  


Minor updates may be made without re-distribution to the sites


Comments or questions should be sent to svg-rat  at

If you find or become aware of another vulnerability which is relevant to EGI you may report it by e-mail to  

report-vulnerability at
the EGI Software Vulnerability Group will take a look according to the procedure defined in [R 3]  

Note that this is undergoing revision to fully handle vulnerabilities in the EOSC-hub era. 


[R 1]

[R 2]

[R 3]


SVG was alerted to the Struts vulnerability by David Crooks, Andrea Ceccanti confirmed that VOMS-Admin uses Struts. 

Yyyy-mm-dd  [EGI-SVG-2021-17010] 

2020-12-15 SVG alerted to the Struts vulnerability by David Crooks.
2021-12-15 Acknowledgement from the EGI SVG to the reporter
2021-12-15 Andrea Ceccanti confirmed that VOMS-Admin relies on Struts and involved in the investigation 
2021-12--- No means of exploiting via VOMS-Admin found  
2021-02-22 EGI SVG Risk Assessment completed - assessed as 'HIGH' because serious, but lacking exploit
2021-02-22 Assessment by the EGI Software Vulnerability Group reported to the software providers 
2021-04-28 Updated packages available in the EGI UMD
2021-06-07 SVG checking open issues, found that this had been fixed. 
2021-06-08 Advisory sent to sites


This advisory has been prepared as part of the effort to fulfil EGI SVG's purpose 
"To minimize the risk to the EGI infrastructure arising from software vulnerabilities"

The risk is that assessed by the group, according to the EGI SVG issue handling procedure [R 3] in the context of 
how the software is used in the EGI infrastructure. It is the opinion of the group, we do not guarantee it to be correct. 
The risk may also be higher or lower in other deployments depending on how the software is used.   

Others may re-use this information provided they:-

1) Respect the provided TLP classification

2) Credit the EGI Software Vulnerability Group

Note that the SVG issue handling procedure is currently under review, to take account of the increasing 
inhomogeneity of the EGI infrastructure and the services in the EOSC-hub catalogue.

On behalf of the EGI SVG,