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Title:       EGI SVG Advisory "Moderate" RISK - dCache  [EGI-SVG-2015-9323]

Date:        2015-08-24



dCache [R 1] is a data storage and retrieval system.  

A vulnerability has been found in the "gridftp door", and in the "kerberos ftp door" of dCache. No other component is affected.

A fixed binary version is available on the dCache site. [R 2]

Upgrading all dCache nodes that host either a gridftp or kerberos-ftp door is necessary and sufficient to fix the vulnerability.

The fix will be made available in the EGI UMD at a later date.


Further details will be made available later.  

Risk category

This issue has been assessed as 'Moderate' risk by the EGI SVG Risk Assessment Team

Affected software

All dCache versions prior to this patch are affected. 

The releases which fix this issue are are: 2.13.7, 2.12.19, 2.11.30 and 2.10.39.

It was noted by the dCache team that several site still run the unsupported 2.6 dCache.  Given these sites currently suffer from a Moderate risk vulnerability, dCache have made an additional release: 2.6.51.



Component installation information

Updates are available on the dCache site [R 2]

Note that at present the patch is only available from the dCache site. 

The official repository for the distribution of grid middleware for EGI sites is which contains the EGI Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD).

Sites using the EGI UMD 3 should see:

Other Information

To give sites time to upgrade their dCache, the dCache team will not release any details o
f the vulnerability at this time.  This includes not making  public the source-code for the 
fix for a 'grace period' of two weeks, as doing so would also reveal information on the vulnerability.

During this two week grace period, dCache will make no further releases.

Once the grace-period elapses, all code changes will be pushed into github and dCache will 
continue normal bug-fix release cycles.

The SVG hopes that this software can be made available in the UMD before dCache reveals the 
change to the source code.  As this is 'Moderate' rather than a more serious vulnerability 
is it acceptable if the software is not in the UMD before the source is revealed. 


Sites are recommended to update nodes hosting either a gridftp door or kerberos-ftp door.

Sites may wish to update now from the dCache site [R 2], or may wait until the fixed version 
is available in the EGI UMD. 


This vulnerability was reported by Paul Millar of the dCache team. 


[R 1]

[R 2]


Comments or questions should be sent to svg-rat  at

We are currently revising the vulnerability issue handling procedure so suggestions and comments are welcome. 


2015-08-18 Vulnerability reported by Paul Millar of the dCache team, 
           stating they had found and fixed vulnerability but not released the patch
2015-08-18 Acknowledgement from the EGI SVG to the reporter
2015-08-20 Assessment by the EGI Software Vulnerability Group reported to the software providers
2015-08-24 Updated packages available from dCache site - binary release only 
2015-08-24 Advisory sent to sites