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Title:       **UPDATE - re-introduction** EGI SVG Advisory [TLP:WHITE] "Moderate" RISK - dCache  [EGI-SVG-2015-9323]

Date:        2015-08-24
Updated:     2015-09-10, 2017-08-22

Affected software and risk

MODERATE risk vulnerability concerning dCache

Package :dCache

The dCache team has reported that an old vulnerbility from 2015 concerning the "gridftp 
door", and in the "kerberos ftp door" of dCache has been re-introduced.
No other component is affected.

Actions required/recommended

Sites running dCache should check whether they are running a vulnerable version, see 
"Affected software details" below. If they are running a vulnerable version update in due course. 

Sites running dCache may update nodes hosting either a gridftp door or kerberos-ftp door directly 
from the dCache site if they wish.

**UPDATE 2017-08-11** fixed version is in the UMD 4 

More information

A vulnerability has been found in the "gridftp door", and in the "kerberos ftp door" 
of dCache. No other component is affected.

Fixed versions are available on the dCache site. [R 1]

Upgrading all dCache nodes that host either a gridftp or kerberos-ftp door is necessary 
and sufficient to fix the vulnerability.

Affected software details

FIXED versions of dCache:

   3.0.11 (& later)  note version 3.0.25 is now in UMD-4
   2.16.30 (& later)
   2.15.33 (& later)
   2.14.45 (& later)

VULNERABLE versions of dCache:

   3.0.0 .. 3.0.10
   2.16.0 .. 2.16.29
   2.15.0 .. 2.15.32
   2.14.0 .. 2.14.44



Component installation information

The official repository for the distribution of grid middleware for EGI sites is 
repository.egi.eu which contains the EGI Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD).

Sites using the EGI UMD 4 should see:


This update is in EGI UMD 4.5.0 

Updates are also available on the dCache site [R 1]

Please note the EMI repositories are no longer maintained and may no longer be used.


This vulnerability was reported by Paul Millar of the dCache team. 


** WHITE information - Unlimited distribution                               **  

** see https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/EGI_CSIRT:TLP for distribution restrictions **

URL:         https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/SVG:Advisory-SVG-2015-9323


Comments or questions should be sent to svg-rat  at  mailman.egi.eu

If you find or become aware of another vulnerability which is relevant to EGI you may 

report it by e-mail to  

report-vulnerability at egi.eu
the EGI Software Vulnerability Group will take a look according to the procedure defined in [R 2]  


[R 1] https://www.dcache.org/

[R 2] https://documents.egi.eu/public/ShowDocument?docid=2538


2015-08-18 Vulnerability reported by Paul Millar of the dCache team, 
           stating they had found and fixed vulnerability but not released the patch
2015-08-18 Acknowledgement from the EGI SVG to the reporter
2015-08-20 Assessment by the EGI Software Vulnerability Group reported to the software providers
2015-08-24 Updated packages available from dCache site - binary release only 
2015-08-24 Advisory sent to sites
2015-09-10 Update available in UMD
2015-09-10 Advisory updated.
2017-03-17 Paul Millar from the dCache team informed SVG that vulnerability has 
           been re-introduced and fixed
2017-03-20 dCache team informed some sites using dCache 
2017-08-10 Updated package in UMD.
2017-08-22 Advisory updated, sent to sites, and placed on the wiki

On behalf of the EGI SVG,