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SSM Migration Status

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The table below shows the status of all the systems under migration to SSM and their status

System Contacts Status
CERN Jérôme Belleman <Jerome.Belleman@CERN.CH> In production
OSG - Gratia John Wiegand <> Tanya Levshina <> In production
SGAS - NDGF Erik Edelman <> In production
  • Finland: will stay to keep persistent record of past URs. Jura will be adopted once stable
  • NGI_NDGF: continue using SGAS
  • Switzerland: phase out SGAS by the end of 2013, deploy JURA when stable
  • Ukraine: SGAS server for accounting of local grid resources, JURA for publishing to the EGI central DB
SGAS - Switzerland Placi Flury <> In production
DGAS Andrea Guarise <> In production
NIKHEF David Groep <> In production
CC-IN2P3 Cecile Evesque <> In production
SGAS - Finland Ulf Tigerstedt <ulf.tigerstedt@CSC.FI> status unknown
JURA (ArcCE) Gabor Szigeti <> In production. ARC JURA to APEL in production reported in June 2013. Stable version reported to be: ARC 3.0.3
  • Finland/NGI_NDGF: deployment when stable
  • Hungary
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine for central EGI publishing
Unicore Krzysztof Benedyczak <> Successfully tested with SSM2-compatible software.
QosCosGrid/MAPPER Mariusz Mamonski <> Franciszek Klajn WCSS64 site in production.
EDGI, Kitti Varga <>

Plan for collecting information in their CE

(The activity is re-scheduled due to the significant delay of starting the related project (IDGF-SP project kick-off meeting was held last month). However, we are planning to continue this work as soon as possible, and report its status at the upcoming community forum in Manchester.)

GLOBUS/GridSafe Stephen Crouch <> delivered by IGE in September 2012. Testing performed by Tilo Eißler and successful. UPDATE 21-03-2013: GridSAFE has been successfully tested including the upload of usage records to EGI. I'm currently waiting for the next IGE GridSAFE package which will contain some extensions (VO support) before bringing the LRZ test system into production. But this will be very soon.
PRACE Jules Wolfrat, Stephen Booth Analysis but Gridsafe should be reusable from IGE.