SSM Migration Status

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The table below shows the status of all the systems under migration to SSM and their status

System Contacts Status
CERN Jérôme Belleman <Jerome.Belleman@CERN.CH> In production
OSG - Gratia John Wiegand <> Tanya Levshina <> In production
SGAS - NDGF Erik Edelman <> In production
SGAS - Switzerland Placi Flury <> In production
DGAS Andrea Guarise <> In production
CC-IN2P3 Cecile Evesque <> Successfully Tested. Need to fix a date to swing to production.
NIKHEF David Groep <> Successfully tested. Need to fix a date.
SGAS - Finland Ulf Tigerstedt <ulf.tigerstedt@CSC.FI> status unknown
JURA (ArcCE) Gabor Szigeti <> Planned. Has begun testing SSM V2
Unicore Krzysztof Benedyczak <> Planned. Waiting for SSM V2
QosCosGrid/MAPPER Mariusz Mamonski <> Done an analysis
EDGI Agnes Szeberenyi <>, Kitti Varga <> Plan for collecting information in their CE
IGE/GridSafe Stephen Crouch <> Due for delivery in September
PRACE Jules Wolfrat, Stephen Booth Analysis but Gridsafe should be reusable from IGE.