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This Privacy Policy explains how we, the EGI CheckIn Service (“We”), treat data by which you can be personally identified (“Personal Data”) as a result of your registration for and use of the EGI e-Infrastructure (“Infrastructure”).

We collect the following Personal Data to identify you to enable us to grant you access to the Infrastructure and the services such as compute, storage and network that its participants offer:

  • Data for User authentication.
    • Identifiers unique to you released by your authentication service
  • Data for registration with the EGI CheckIn service and collaboration management
    • Your name
    • Your institute
    • Your e-mail address
  • Data which may be used to grant you access to the services
    • Home Institute, Infrastructure and User Community specific attributes relating to your affiliations and rights

To enable the Infrastructure to be safe and reliable for your use and to preserve your rights as a user we adhere to The Policy on the Processing of Personal Data (“The Policy”) available here: [insert url to PPPD here].

Your Personal Data will be shared but only where -

  • 1. The recipient has agreed to abide by The Policy


  • 2. Doing so is likely to assist in the investigation of suspected misuse of Infrastructure resources.

Your usage of the Infrastructure will be monitored. Records of this use, containing your Personal Data, may be shared as described above for operational, security and accounting purposes only. These records will be purged or anonymised after, at latest, 18 months. You can contact our Data Protection Officer ([insert contact details here]) to obtain a copy of your Personal Data, request that it is corrected in case of factual error or if you suspect that it has been misused. You can also request that we stop using your Personal Data but this will affect your access to the Infrastructure. This Policy should be read with reference to the Policy on the Processing of Personal Data and other Infrastructure policies available at [insert link to Infrastructure Policies here]. [Insert Name and Contact Details of Infrastructure Participant]