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== EGI Approved Security Policies ==
The policy documents produced by the former [ JSPG] are valid since 1st May 2010 for the EGI partners. They have all been imported into the EGI template and were formally adopted by the EGI EB on 10th Sep 2010. You can reference the security policy documents by using the new permanent links:
Top-level Grid Security Policy:
* [ Grid Security Policy]
For all Users:
* [ Grid Acceptable Use Policy]
For all Sites:
* [ Grid Site Operations Policy]
* [ Site Registration Security Policy]
For all VOs:
* [ VO Operations Policy]
* [ Virtual Organisation Registration Security Policy]
* [ Virtual Organisation Membership Management Policy]
* [ VO Portal Policy]
Other policies for all Grid participants:
* [ Traceability and Logging Policy]
* [ Security Incident Response Policy]
* [ Approval of Certificate Authorities]
* [ Policy on Grid Pilot Jobs]
* [ Grid Policy on the Handling of User-Level Job Accounting Data]
Glossary of terms used in SPG policy documents:
* [ Security Policy Glossary of Terms]
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