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SAM Instances

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Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.


The page contains the official list of SAM which are responsible for monitoring individual NGIs and regions.

In the first section you can find the list of NGIs which have deployed NGI SAM instance. In the second section are ROC instances which are covering sites in countries which haven't finished NGI creation process.


Central OPS SAM Instances

Operational tools monitoring

Central Nagios monitoring central operational tools and NGI SAM instances

MW monitoring

Central Nagios monitoring MW versions.

NGI SAM instances

NGI Country/ies Nagios portal MyEGI portal
NGI_BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
NGI_BG Bulgaria
NGI_BY Belarus
NGI_CZ Czech Republic
NGI_DE, NGI_CH Germany, Switzerland
NGI_FI Finland
NGI_France France
NGI_GE Georgia
NGI_HR Croatia
NGI_HU Hungary
NGI_IBERGRID Spain, Portugal
NGI_IL Israel
NGI_IT Italy
NGI_MD Moldova
NGI_ME Montenegro
NGI_NDGF Austria, Denmark

Estonia, Latvia
Lithuania, Norway, Sweden
NGI_NL Belgium, Netherlands
NGI_PL Poland
NGI_RO Romania
NGI_SI Slovenia
NGI_SK Slovakia
NGI_TR Turkey
NGI_UA Ukraine

NGI ROC instances

ROC Country/ies Nagios portal MyEGI portal
Africa Arabia African partners
Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific partners

(external partners)


(external partners)

LA partners
Russia Russia

Analysis of SAM instances in GOCDB

Instances in GOCDB and not in SAM:

Instances in GOCDB and in SAM but marked as non monitored:

Instances missing in GOCDB:

Instances in GOCDB assigned to non-Certified sites:

Backup instances missing in GOCDB (not critical):