Resource infrastructure Provider OLA: Release Notes

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Resource infrastructure Provider OLA

Download the latest Resource infrastructure Provider OLA v1.1

Release notes v. 1.1

  • Document Amendment Procedure: amendments are now requested by issuing a GGUS ticket to the service level management support unit, in order to improve traceability of requests. GGUS tickets replace e-mail messages sent to the OMB mailing list directly.
  • Terminology: the NGI, UMD, VO and Capability definitions are updated to keep them consistent with the EGI glossary. Several other definition are improved to keep them consistent with are ITIL definitions.
  • list responsibilities is now more comprehensive and includes text that was formerly part of the RC OLA.
  • Added clause about intellectual property rights.
  • NGI grid oversight service: COD and ROD teams have been experimenting a new metric to measure the performance of ROD teams. The metric is called ROD Performance Index and the maximum value is set to 10. The service level is defined at: Grid_operations_oversight/ROD_performance_index
  • References were updated.

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