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This web page is a scratch for staff operating Resource Allocation process.  
This web page is a scratch for staff operating Resource Allocation process.  

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This web page is a scratch for staff operating Resource Allocation process.

E-mail templates

Confirmation of receiving a new request (temporar)

Subject: [EGI e-grant] Request for resources registered in e-grant

Dear Requester,

EGI has received your request for resources, and we are happy to grant
the resources that you need for your work. We will contact you in about 2 weeks when we expect to finish this process.

In the meantime we can do some preparations. To access the EGI resources you or your users need:
1) To have a personal x509 certificate released by a CA part of the IGTF federation
2) To be member of a VO (Virtual Organization), on whose behalf your jobs are submitted
3) To be familiar with the EGI services, e.g. how to submit a job and
how to manage file transfers

If you are missing some requirements, EGI will help you in the process
of being ready to access the resources.

Please let us know what VO you plan to use to access the resources. If you are not the member of any VO we can assist you in creating your own one.

We would also inform you that at the end of using EGI resources you will be asked to provide some short report. Publications produced as a result of using EGI resources should acknowledge EGI if possible.

Please forward your questions to

Thank you for your request.

EGI Resource Allocation Operations Team


Please list here documentation we have already.

  1. Process description: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Resource_Allocation_Process
  2. Draft of the RA procedure: https://documents.egi.eu/document/2030 - we need to amend it and agree with OMB, when?
  3. Drafr of the Request Handling procedure and work instructions https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Resource_Allocation_Request_Handling
  4. More at: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Resource_Allocation_Task_Force

Open questions

  1. Do the rights and limitations from agreed SLA apply for the whole VO or a single user?
    MR: It seems not feasible to apply for a single user. There must be a VO subgroup (?) To be clarified.