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Requirment Template

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Engagement overview Community requirements Community events Training EGI Webinars Documentations

Information Collector Information Provider Status

Community Information

Community Name

Including Community Short Name if any

Community website

Community Description

Including Scientific domain, research challenges, objectives, size of user base etc.

Main Contact Institutions

Main Contacts

Science Viewpoint

Use Cases Description

Community Roles

Involved stakeholders who will use the system and their responsibilities

Community Behaviours

List of user stories and/or workflow processes

Information Viewpoint


Data size

Data collection size

Data format

Data Identifiers

Standards in use

Data locations

Data management plan

Access policy


Metadata Identifiers

Metadata size

Metadata format

Standards in use

Metadata locations

Data LifeCycle

Engineering Viewpoint

System Architecture

Data access protocols

Data management technology

Data access control

Non-functional requirements

Performance Requirements Requirement levels Description
Response time

Technology Viewpoint

Dependent Standards

standards used for data, metadata and web services etc.

Dependent Software and application


Describe the software/applications/services name, version, licensing, configuration, and dependencies needed to run the application, indicating origin and requirements, Typical processing time etc.

Operating System

Run libraries/APIs

e-Infrastructure in use

Requirements for EGI Testbed Establishments

Does the case include preferences on specific tools and technologies to use?

Approximately how much compute and storage capacity and for how long time is needed?

Does the user (or those he/she represents) have access to a Certification Authority?


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