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|Cell C
|Cell C
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Relevant tickets



GGUS ID Description Status
54678 BDII v5 performance degrades with time open
60039 CERN-PROD site bdii problem open
61732 Fluctuations in Estimated Response Time (gLite CE) on hold
61850 bdii-5.1.7-1 start/stop script problem open
62141 site BDII stuck open
62951 site bdii: ldap crash open
63084 spurious site-BDII problems open
63103 BDII information during downtime open
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GGUS ID Description Status
54466 GLITE_LOCATION_VAR and GLITE_LOCATION_LOG are not really used on hold
54509 GLITE_LOCATION_LOG not taken into account by CREAM CE log4j configuration files on hold
59335 CREAM config hardcodes sandbox dir to GLITE_LOCATION_VAR on hold
59595 CreamCE should publish non-production state when job submission is disabled on hold
59596 Job submission to CreamCE is enabled by restart of service on hold
61322 BLAHP doesn't distinguish regular single jobs from MPI jobs on hold
61979 missing variable in CREAM config file on hold
61979 blparser stops working intermittently open
63023 CREAM CE /tmp is filled with proxies on hold
63316 Yaim function config_cream_sudoers overwrites /etc/sudoers on hold
63409 Persistent errors with Cream CE open
63511 CREAM job wrappers missing directive to transfer the GRID proxy certificate open
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GGUS ID Description Status
47196 Very unhelpful message when a wrong type of proxy was used to submit a job open
47307 JDL Attribute PerusalFilesDestURI has undocumented (and apparently unused) co-requisite PerusalListFileURI open
47985 GRID_MONITOR & others appended many times in condor_config.local open
53037 wms logging insufficient open
53220 WMS logging says failure when there is none open
57746 Status not updated for job submitted to serv07.hep.phy.cam.ac.uk open
58426 WMS logmonitor crash because of improper rights on /var/glite/wms.proxy open
58603 glite-wms-job-submit: --default-jdl and --collections conflict open
59448 glite-wms-create-proxy "ambiguous redirect" open
60103 segfault in glite-brokerinfo open
60111 gliteWMS does not accept colletion of exactly 192 jobs open
62575 WMS problems open
62671 Memory leaks in gLite C++ APIs open
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