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Regionalized GOCDB use cases

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Current status of regionalization

Currently there is a regionalized installation for GOCDB, but it is a stand-alone instance. It is not possible to automatically synchronize the data in the local installation with the central one. Please see:

Use cases

Use case #1

Hierarchical arquitecture for GOCDB
(Please see 'Regional-Synchronised GOCDB' at: )

Use case description

NGIs could benefit from a GOCDB hierarchical arquitecture with two layers: regional GOCDBs populating the bottom layer, and the EGI central GOCDB installation populating the top layer. Information would flow from the bottom layer to the top layer, with the possibility to filter data when sending to upper level.

This setup would allow the introduction of local sites in the regional infrastructure (regional nagios and the regional dashboard) without propagating that local site information to EGI and beyond the NGI scope.

(Note: Sorry, I didn't understood if the following scenario is completly absorbed in the GOCDB Regionalisation Plans. Therefore, I stated here once again)

  • Yes - i think it does.

Dependencies with other regionalized tools

  1. The regional nagios and the regional dashboards would have to consolidate information based on what is available on the regional GOCDB. Since regional Nagios are now using ATP, probably an ATP regional view should be available also.
  2. ActiveMQ message chain would have to be done from regional nagios to regional dashboards.

For other use cases, please see:

Use Case #2

Customization/Extension of the GOCDB schema, for NGIs purposes.
This use case will be available only for the 2nd and the 3rd regionalizatin scenarios described in the GOCDB Regionalisation Plans: Regional stand-alone GOCDB and Regional synchronized GOCDB.

NGIs may want to extend the current GOCDB schema for some NGI-specific purposes that does not involve other NGIs. The extensions of the schema should not be implemented in the central GOCDB instance.

The 2nd' and the 3rd regionalization scenarios should include:

  • Documentation describing how to properly extend the GOCDB schema, add database tables and how to correctly perform the SQL queries to use the new data.
  • If the database schema has changed, also the GUI for the data insertion needs to be changed accordingly. This is not a trivial issue, many NGIs has the know-how to implement the new features in the GUI by themselves, but not all of them.
    • Tutorials describing how to extend the forms in the GUI to fill the new schema tables are needed.