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==Current status of regionalization==
==Current status of regionalization==

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Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.

Current status of regionalization

The regionalized implementation of GGUS is xGUS. xGUS currently is a custom service hosted centrally. In xGUS the tickets can have a local or global scope, all answers to a global ticket are redirected to the central GGUS.

Some NGIs are using RT as local ticketing system. There is a RT interface task force, and an interface for tickets synchronization GGUS <-> RT is currently used.

Use cases

Use case #1

(more a feature than a complete use case)
Automatically set up regional sites.

Use case description

Currently xGUS doesn't sync with regional or central GOCDB. Sites have to be inserted by hand in the helpdesk configuration. A regional helpdesk should be able to be configured with a regionalized GOCDB in order to automatically insert sites both local EGI ones. For example, if the central GOCDB with multiple views is implemented (global view, and regional view), xGUS should be able to import sites from both the views.

Dependencies with other regionalized tools

Regional GOCDB.


From Sabine Reisser, xGUS developer:

The current status is: site support units can be imported via the xGUS web interface. Portal administrator can choose which registered sites should be imported.