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Preview 1.5.0

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CGSI-gSOAP 1.3.10

davix 0.6.4


davix is a C++ toolkit for advanced I/O on remote resources with HTTP based protocols.

Release notes

edg-mkgridmap 4.0.4

Release notes

edg-mkgridmap v4.0.4 fixes a simple omission that causes v4.0.3 to fail on CentOS/EL 7 (where it worked before), while still working on SL6.

gfal2 2.12.2


GFAL (Grid File Access Library ) is a C library providing an abstraction layer of the grid storage system complexity. The version 2 of GFAL tries to simplify at the maximum the file operations in a distributed environment. The complexity of the grid is hidden from the client side behind a simple common POSIX API.

Release Notes

Detailed release notes at

VOMS-Admin 3.5.1


The Virtual Organization Membership Service enables Virtual Organization access control in distributed services. It's at the core of the WLCG authorization stack and is used daily to authorize access to storage and computing resources used by thousands scientists worldwide.

Release notes