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Pool concept: example

Pool-1 SiteA will offer:

  • up to 100 cores in 2013 as reserved pool (as a whole -> reservation applies to the whole pool not given usage), opportunistic inside pool
  • “free hand” to EGI - EGI has free choice to allocate resources 
  • each VO should not be allocated more than 10% of the pool
  • can be suitable for small resource requests

Pool-2 SiteB will offer:

  • up to 4000 cores between Jun’13 – Feb’14 with assigned fair-share
  • allocation based on negotiations
  • for requests that proved to be:
    • at least good in EGI scientific review
    • has members in NGI X
    • each requests can be supported up to 50%
  • can be suitable for big resource requests