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Document identifier

The document Identifier is build as follows:



  • GROUPID: is the group acronym
  • KEYWORD: is a mnemonic short string containing either keywords or a short name for the document
  • DOCID: repository ID number as assigned by the EGI document repository: https://documents.egi.eu/
    • In order to get it, upload an initial emty document, for instance the policy document template

As an example, the Glossary document of the Security Policy Group (SPG) which permalink is https://documents.egi.eu/document/71 has the following Document Identifier:

  • EGI-SPG-GLOSSARY-71-V3.pdf

Document Link

Replace <DOCID> as defined above

Last Modified

The date the document was last modified


The version of the policy document

Policy Group Acronym

Acronym of the policy group

Policy Group Name

Full name of the policy group

Contact Person

Main contact person for questions about the policy document

Document Status

Policy documents, after having passed the internal group review, MUST be approved by:

  • TCB, OMB and UCB for technical matters
  • EGI.eu Executive Board for political matters

The Status of the document can be chosen among:

  • Draft: work in progress within the group
  • Review: document under internal review managed by the group
  • Submitted: document submitted to TCB/OMB/UCB or EGI.eu Executive Board
  • Approved: document approved by all the bodies

Approved by

List of bodies who approved the document

Approved Date

Last date the document was approved