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Welcome to the '''EGI Strategy and Policy Main Page'''.
'''Strategy and Policy Team (SPT)''' supports the development of policy within and external to in conjunction with EGI‘s stakeholders relating to governance, standardisation and integration with other infrastructures.Policies are needed to govern the provision of a high-quality distributed-computing production-oriented infrastructure., the coordinating body for this community, provides management and policy groups for developing and approving policies relating to operations, software quality, security, user communities and general governance. The development of these policies is supported by the project and may have relevance and impact with other European and International e infrastructure providers who will be involved in these policy discussions as appropriate.
== Members  ==
*[ Sergio Andreozzi (Strategy and Policy Manager)]
*[ Sy Holsinger (Senior Strategy  and Policy Officer)]
*[ Roberta Piscitelli (Strategy  and Policy Officer)]
== Contact information ==
'''E-mail''' send an e-mail to policy at
'''Postal adress'''  Science Park 140, 1098 XG Amterdam, The Netherlands

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