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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
4 NGI_PL CYFRONET Małgorzata Krakowian



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
16 - 18.03.2011 Karpacz, Poland 3rd PL-Grid Technical meeting  90 PL-Grid technical meeting hosted a meeting of  NGI_PL  ROD team


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
05-07.04 Karlsruhe, Germany EGI CSIRT Face-to-Face Meeting 1
11-14.04 Vilnus, Lithuania User Forum 8


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2.1. Progress Summary

  1. Nagios
    1. SAM UPDATE-09 from 08.03.2011 applied
    2. NGI_PL developers are writing probes to monitor glite UI
    3. WMS tests added into operations test list - probes will raise alarms for WMS'es
      1. New WMS test developed - wms-list-match: the test checks basic functionality  if WMS can match any CE for given job
    4. Ongoing work with Operations Portal developers on test publication to dashboard
    5. NGI_PL developers are writing probes to monitor glite UI
  2. Helpdesk
    1. In April was introduced change in ticket processing flow according to ITIL recommendations. This also required reorganization of support units.
  3. Unicore infrastructure
    1. NGI_PL is taking an active role in its work in UNICORE integration task force.
    2. Requirements for integration of UNICORE services with GOCDB were collected, discussed with GOCDB developers and were included in the GOCDB roadmap.
    3. The first real GGUS ticket to UNICORE middleware support unit was submitted and procedure for handling UNICORE ticked established (in cooperation with EMI and NGI_DE).
    4. The NGI_PL UNICORE monitoring solution (probes and Nagios configurator) were presented, discussed and passed to SAM developers for integration with SAM Nagios.
  4. Availability/Reliability metrics
    1. NGI _PL availability for February was 95% and in March 90%
    2. None of NGI_PL sites were below the thresholds: availability 70% and reliability 75%
  5. NGI_PL security team is regularly taking part in actions within EGI CSIRT:
    1. actions within EGI IRTF
    2. coordination of cooperation between NGI_PL and EGI CSIRT
    3. taking part in weekly and monthly meetings
    4. support of emerging vulnerabilities (2 issues) and to ensure security improvements Polish centres
    5. analysis of 2 created and released documents
  6. SAMAP tool decomission
  7. NGI_PL ROD team
    1. presentation of NGI_PL ROD team in ROD newsletter in February 2011. The goal of this action was to share best practices applied in NGI_PL with other regions.
  8. Changes on sites:
    1. All sites set up site information in BDII according to the instructions: MAN01_How_to_publish_Site_Information
    2. PSNC
      1. Cream CE upgraded to glite-CREAM-3.2.10-0.sl5.x86_64
    3. WCSS
      1. 320 12-cores nodes added insted of 150 4-cores nodes

2.2. Main Achievements

The main achievement of NGI_PL is active participation in OLA task force and taking part in discussions related to UNICORE within "Coordination of interoperations between NGIs and with other Grids" task.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description