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Title Resource Center renaming
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Last modified 8 June 2016
Policy Group Acronym OMB
Policy Group Name Operations Management Board
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Document Status Approved
Approved Date 30.10.2012
Procedure Statement A procedure for changing name of a Resource Centre.
Owner Owner of procedure


The Resource Centre renaming procedure was created to define steps which have to be taken to rename a Resource Centre.

Note: This procedure is specifically aimed at Resource Centres using gLite. There should be very little difference in the procedure for Resource Centres supporting other middleware stacks.


Please refer to the EGI Glossary for the definitions of the terms used in this procedure.

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", “MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.


Step [#]

Resp. Unit

Unit to Contact Procedure Remarks
1 Resource Centre NGI operations Manager Contact your NGI operations manager(s) to inform them and to ask for support about the procedure for renaming the Resource Centre.
2 Resource Centre
Make sure that your Resource Centre does not have open alarms in your (Regional) Operations Portal.
  • All alarms in the (Regional) Operations Portal should be closed before performing the change.
3 Resource Centre
Set up an scheduled downtime (it should be sufficient to schedule a downtime for only a few hours).
  • This will prevent SAM failures and minimize impact in the reliability metrics. After the change in GOCDB the NGI regional SAM should be updated with the new Resource Centre name 3 hours after (max).
4 Resource Centre
Edit the information for your Resource Centre in the GOCDB, Change the Short Name, Official Name and GIIS URL to the new Resource Centre details.
  • It is convenient to perform this step near the end of an hour as the top-BDIIs update their Resource Centres list at the beginning of every hour. This way you can reduce the absence of your Resource Centre from top-BDIIs, and you will also minimize the failures.
5 Resource Centre
Change the SITE_NAME YAIM variable on the site-BDII service and reconfigure it. It is also necessary to reconfigure all the services for your Resource Centre that use the SITE_NAME YAIM variable.
6 Resource Centre Accounting Portal
Open a GGUS ticket to the Accounting Portal (Responsible Unit) in order to move all the accounting data for your Resource Centre to the new Resource Centre
  • This operation can take two or three working days.
  • If the NGI is running a regional instance of this service, duplicate this action to address both the global and regional instances.
7 Resource Centre GGUS
Open a GGUS ticket to the GGUS (Responsible Unit) in order to move all the local DB records under the old Resource Centre name to the new Resource Centre name
8 Resource Centre APEL
Open a GGUS ticket to the APEL (Responsible Unit) in order to let them know that you are going to change to your Resource Centre name.
  • If the published accounting is not assigned to the new Resource Centre name, your Resource Centre could fail the org.apel.APEL-Sync Nagios test
  • It is possible that after the name change, the APEL service will publish all accounting data in the service under the new Resource Centre name. You should pay attention to this fact and communicate it to the APEL support unit. Mention the date when you started to publish accounting data under the new Resource Centre name to the APEL support unit in order to preserve all the previous accounting data before that date under the old name. Published accounting data after that date should be under the new Resource Centre name.
  • Do not forget to change the Resource Centre name on the file /etc/glite-apel-publisher/publisher-config-yaim.xml in the APEL service (YAIM should take care of that but please re-check it)
9 Resource Centre
Expand the downtime if, by some reason, your site is failing SAM tests.
  • The Resource Centre under the new name should re-enter into the
    production infrastructure in good shape
10 Resource Centre
Finally, as a courtesy, submit a broadcast to the VO managers for the VOs supported at your Resource Centre, in order to warn them about the name was change for your Resource Centre, and to inform them of the new name. The broadcast must be sent through the EGI BROADCAST TOOL,


  • GGUS tool: Change the 'notify site' field to the new site name for every open ticket vs the site.
  • After the information is changed in the services and in GOC DB, for some tools like GGUS, GSTAT it can take a whole day in order to take the information about new Resources Centre name. Although it only should take a maximum of three hours for Nagios tests.
  • This change should not affect the jobs running in the site nor the A/R metrics. If one simply modifies the site name in the GOCDB while preserving the PRIMARY_KEY for the site, SAM simply renames the Resource Centre without further impact and all availabilities (past and future) will be computed under the new Resource Centre name.

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