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|[[File:Alert.png]] This page is '''Deprecated'''; the content has been moved to   
|[[File:Alert.png]] This page is '''Deprecated'''; the content has been moved to   
|Doc_title = Management of the EGI OPS Availability and Reliability Profile
|Doc_link = [[PROC08|]]
|Version = 2020-03-02
|Policy_acronym = OMB
|Policy_name = Operations Management Board
|Contact_group =
|Doc_status = Approved
|Approval_date = 2020-02-20
|Procedure_statement = This document specifies the procedure for modifying the EGI OPS Availability and Reliability profile.
|Owner = Alessandro Paolini
= Overview  =
A change in the profile is needed every time a new Nagios test needs to be added/removed to/from the profile, in order to have its results included/removed in/from Availability and Reliability monthly statistics. A change in the OPS Availability and Reliability profile affects the computation of the monthly Availability and Reliability statistics of all EGI Resource Infrastructures and Resource Centres.
= Definitions  =
*The key words '''Profile''', '''Metric''', '''Probe''' and '''Test''' are defined in the [ ARGO] page.
*List of Availability and Reliability tests: [ ARGO_MON_CRITICAL].
Please refer to the [[Glossary|EGI Glossary]] for the definitions of the terms used in this procedure.<br>
The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", “MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.
= Scope  =
This procedure is applicable to the EGI OPS Availability and Reliability profile. Any change applied is global, as it has effects on all EGI Resource Centres. The ARGO compute engine (CE) uses profiles to generate monthly Availability and Reliability reports.
This procedure is NOT applicable to VO-specific Availability and Reliability profiles used by non-OPS VOs (e.g. user communities, national operations VOs, etc.).
= Entities involved in the procedure  =
*'''Applicant'''. The Applicant submits a request for changing the EGI OPS profile. Anybody is allowed to submit the request. The request is submitted to the respective Operations Centre, who after acceptance, forward it to the Operations Management Board [[OMB|OMB]] for discussion.
*'''Operations Centre'''. The entity associated to EGI that is responsible of delivering local operational services to a Resource Infrastructure Provider. In order to contribute resources to EGI a Resource Infrastructure Provider must be associated to an Operations Centre.
*'''Resource Infrastructure Operations Manager'''. Represents the respective Resource Infrastructure within the OMB.
*'''EGI&nbsp;Operations team'''. Team coordinating EGI Infrastructure.
*'''ARGO Team'''. The ARGO Team is responsible of scheduling, integrating and releasing probes.
= Pre-requirements  =
*This procedure requires usage of the [ ARGO] system for generating monthly availability and reliability statistics. Detailed information about ARGO system can be found on the following link: [].
*If the request of change includes the addition of new tests, each test MUST first be integrated with the Operations Dashboard, i.e. being an OPERATIONS test included in the [ ARGO_MON_OPERATORS] profile is a necessary condition to be included in the [ ARGO_MON_CRITICAL] profile for A/R computation (see procedure [[PROC06|PROC06]]). This should ensure that the new probe has been tested on the production sites, excluding the occurrence of anomalies not strictly depending on the sites.
*EGI software teams are responsible for the development and testing of new probes.
= Steps  =
{| class="wikitable"
! Step
! Action on
! Action
| 1
| Applicant
| Sends a change request to the attention of the respective own Operations Centre. The request is submitted through a [ GGUS ticket].
Use the "Affected ROC/NGI" to address the ticket to the appropriate Operations Centre. Template:
<pre>Subject: Request for adding/removing XXX(,YYY,...) test(s) to/from the EGI OPS A/R Profile
We would like to request adding/removing XXX(,YYY,...) test(s) to/from from the EGI OPS Profile
Prerequisite data:
* name of ARGO test(s):
* name of service on which the test runs:
* link to documentation page:
* motivation (which part of the infrastructure will be improved with the new test
or description of users' problems which will be avoided in future - provide list
of GGUS tickets is possible)
| 2
| Operations Centre
| The Operations Centre process the request specified in the GGUS ticket for acceptance/rejection.
Motivations for rejection need to specify in the GGUS ticket.
In case of acceptance, a GGUS ticket is opened to EGI Operations Support Unit to forward the request for discussion in the OMB. Template:
<pre>Subject: Request for adding/removing XXX(,YYY,...) test(s) to/from the EGI OPS Profile
We would like to request adding/removing XXX(,YYY,...) test(s) to/from the EGI OPS Profile.
Please see details in GGUS ticket _link to Applicant's GGUS ticket_.
| 3
| EGI Opertions team&nbsp; and Resource Infrastructure Operations Manager
| EGI Opertions team schedules a presentation of the change requested at the next possible OMB meeting. The relevant Resource Infrastructure Operations Manager presents the request during the meeting. The Applicant is invited to attend the meeting. Only one request will be processed at a time as the impact of a change needs to be assessed. Requests are processed depending on their priority, as agreed by the [[OMB|OMB]].
| 4 
| EGI Opertions team
| Opens a GGUS ticket to "Monitoring (ARGO)" requesting the addition (or removal) to the ARGO_MON_CRITICAL profile.
| 5
| ARGO team
| Implements the change on the agreed date (generally, the first day of the month).
| 6
| EGI Opertions team
| Before closing the ticket, verifies there are no anomalies with the new A/R reports and report back to the NGI Managers by email or to the next OMB meeting.
| 7
| EGI Opertions team
| Broadcasts the modification to all relevant parties (i.e. Operations Centres and Resource Centres) through the next Monthly Broadcast. Closes the GGUS ticket&nbsp;
= Revision History  =
{| class="wikitable"
! Version
! Authors
! Date
! Comments
| <br>
| T. Ferrari
| 18/10/2011
| removed obsolete information: "This procedure does not apply to modifications which have already been agreed with the SAM team: including CREAM-CE probes, switching from the old SAM CA probe to the new one, switching from the old SAM ARC probes to Nagios ones."
| <br>
| M. Krakowian
| 19 August 2014
| Change contact group -&gt; Operations support
| <br>
| P. Daoglou and P. Korosoglou
| 30 September 2015
| Updates in procedure. Replacement of ACE references with ARGO.
| Alessandro Paolini
| 2016-06-08
| Change contact group -&gt; Operations
| Alessandro Paolini
| 2019-12-17
| updating some old links and names; updating some steps (it seems it is no more necessary creating a "testing" A/R report before approving the changes)

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