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The following is a list of active Virtual team projects, that have been accepted by NA2 task leaders.

  • For more information please see the introduction to the virtual team framework.

Active virtual teams

Project title Project status Project leader Start date Project website
Intelligence Collection & Analysis Process NGIs CAN JOIN Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu) 10/Nov/2011 VT Intelligence Collection
ESFRI Contact List NGIs CAN JOIN Steve Brewer (EGI.eu) 10/Nov/2011 VT ESFRI Contact List
MPI within EGI NGIs CAN JOIN Not decided yet (multiple volunteers) 10/Nov/2011 VT MPI within EGI
Assessing the adoption of Federated Identity Providers within the EGI Community NGIs CAN JOIN Not decided yet (Multiple volunteers) 10/Nov/2011 VT Federated Identity Providers Assessment
Website content NGIs CAN JOIN Sara Coelho (EGI.eu) 10/Nov/2011 VT Website Content
Inter NGI Usage Report NGIs CAN JOIN Torsten Antoni (German NGI) 10/Nov/2011 VT Inter NGI Usage Report
EGI Compendium NGIs CAN JOIN Sergio Andreozzi (EGI.eu) 5/Dec/2011 VT EGI Compendium

Proposed Virtual Teams

Project title Project status Project leader Project website
Top applications and their user communities PLANNED Not known yet VT Top Applications
ESFRI Demonstrators INSTANTIATED WHEN NEEDED Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu) VT ESFRI Demonstrators
Application Porting How to guide PLANNED Not decided yet (Multiple volunteers) VT Application Porting Howto
EGI Community Workshops INSTANTIATED WHEN NEEDED Richard McLennan (EGI.eu) VT EGI Community Workshops

Finished Virtual Teams

No Virtual Team finished yet.

Rejected Virtual Teams

No Virtual Teams have been rejected.

Further information