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Overview of Funded Virtual Team projects

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This page is under construction as of 15 March 2013. It is intended to be a repository for information on EGI's funded mini-projects that are being progressed under the established Virtual Team framework. Owner of this page is Richard McLennan - e-mail:


In June 2012, the EGI Council endorsed the EGI strategy ‘Seeking new horizons: EGI’s role in 2020’ (see as a framework for the future developments of the EGI Community. As a result of this report, the EGI-InSPIRE PMB sought suggestions from within the EGI-InSPIRE consortium for activities that could be undertaken during PY4 of the EGI-InSPIRE project to accelerate the objectives identified in the EGI strategy of:

  • Undertaking Coordination and Community Building across the EGI Community and its stakeholders.
  • Maintaining and expanding the Operational Infrastructure and its management tools to support other Research Infrastructures and Cloud Technologies.
  • Enabling the deployment of domain specific and centrally provisioned Virtual Research Environments.

As a result, over 30 suggestions were received and following an assessment undertaken by the EGI-InSPIRE PMB and the AMB, 11 activities were prioritised for implementation. These will accelerate EGI’s strategic goals by investing in tools to build and educate communities, to integrate and effectively use federated clouds, and to provide enhanced operational tools for virtual organisations, a new approach to computing availability and reliability, enhancements to EGI’s service registry to support other projects and infrastructures, and tools for automating resource allocation. Together, these activities will reduce the barriers for researchers to access the resources that they need wherever they may be located. The activities translate into the mini-projects tabled beneath. Summaries of the activities and the motivations behind each of them can be found in the associated wiki pages (managed by the respective project leaders).

Active EGI mini-projects

All started in April 2013.

Project title Project leader technical shepherd Project website
Template Team page VT Template Wiki page All Projects are asked to use this where possible.
TSA4.2: Massive Open Online Course Development Jan Bot <> Gergely Sipos VT MOOC
TSA4.3: Evaluation of Liferay modules Gergely Sipos <> (project leader) VT Liferay
TSA4.4: Providing OCCI support for arbitrary Cloud Management Frameworks Boris Parak <> Michel Drescher VT OCCI for CMF
TSA4.5: CDMI Support in Cloud Management Frameworks Ilja Livenson <> Michel Drescher VT CDMI in CMF
TSA4.6: Dynamic Deployments for OCCI Compliant Clouds Marc-Elian Bégin <> Michel Drescher VT OCCI CompCloud
TSA4.7: Automatic Deployment and Execution of Applications using Cloud Services. Enol Fernández <> Michel Drescher VT AppDeployment
TSA4.8: Transforming Scientific Research Platforms to Exploit Cloud Capacity Björn Hagemeier <> Michel Drescher VT CloudCaps
TSA4.9: VO Administration and operations PORtal (VAPOR) Franck Michel <> Diego Scardaci VT VAPOR
TSA4.10: A new approach to Computing Availability and Reliability Reports Christos Kanellopoulos <> Tiziana Ferrari VT Comp Reports
TSA4.11: GOCDB Scoping Extensions and Management Interface David Meredith <> Diego Scardaci VT Something short
TSA4.12: Tools for automating applying for and allocating federated resources Tomasz Szepieniec <> Tiziana Ferrari VT Something short