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*[https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Grid_operations_oversight/WI02 New Opertions Centre creation work instruction]  
*[https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Grid_operations_oversight/WI02 New Opertions Centre creation work instruction]  
*[[Grid operations oversight/WI03|Availability and reliability work instruction]]
*[[Grid operations oversight/WI03|Availability and reliability work instruction]]
*[[Grid operations oversight/WI04|Core services report work instruction ]]
*[[Grid operations oversight/WI05|Escalation procedure in case of unresponsive NGI]]
= Events  =
= Events  =

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COD team is a small team responsible for coordination of RODs, provided on a global layer. COD represents the whole ROD structure in terms of technical requirements for operations tools as well as on political level.

The purpose of this page is to collect all materials needed by COD team to perform the Grid operations oversight activities.

People and contact

COD team is formed from Dutch and Polish team and includes COD managers (people responsible for managerial issues) and COD shifters (people performing day-to-day COD work)

COD managers: 
Ron Trompert (Chair), Marcin Radecki, Luuk Uljee, Małgorzata Krakowian
COD shifters: 
Małgorzata Krakowian, Ron Trompert, Luuk Uljee, Maarten van Ingen, Ernst Pijper, Alexander Verkooijen

People behind the names

There are 2 mailing lists used for different cases:

  • manager-central-operator-on-duty AT mailman.egi.eu - for COD managerial issues like suggesting changes in procedures, tools. COD managers are recipients of this list.
  • central-operator-on-duty AT mailman.egi.eu - for reporting COD day-to-day issues like problems with tools or Nagios tests. COD shifters are recipients of this list.

COD Duties

  • COD managers
    • representing RODs/COD in OTAG, OMB and Operations meetings - collecting requirements and improvements proposals from RODs concerning operations tools and procedures
    • suspending Resource Centres in case of operational issues
    • taking part in OLA task force
    • writing new procedures - in case of need COD is taking part in procedures creation process
    • preparing ROD newsletters - informing RODs about recent and upcoming developments related to Grid Oversight
    • preparing ROD metrics reports - providing an overview of operations support process in grid infrastructure.
  • COD shifters
    • escalation of operational problems with RODs
    • dealing with GGUS tickets assigned to COD
    • process coordination of:
      • creation and decommission of Operations Centre
      • setting a Nagios test to an operations test
      • getting explanations for low availability and reliability metrics

COD shifters work instructions

In this section are collected all work instructions containing detailed information specifying exactly what steps are to be followed to carry out an activity.

Action Description Related procedures
GGUS tickets assigned to COD

COD shifter is obliged to check the current status of all GGUS tickets assigned to COD

In case of a request for:

If the shifter doesn't know what kind of action should be taken, he/she should contact COD managers

Availability/reliability reports
Operational portal dashboard issues

COD dashboard link

  • At the end of the shift a handover should be submitted (send to COD) via Handover tool in the Operational Portal
    • Problems on the dashboard which will pass to next week: the ggus id of the ticket and when next escalation step should be taken
    • GGUS tickets assigned to COD: for each ticket its last status and the action taken by the shifter should be provided
    • Other issues: problems with tools etc.

NOTE: all procedures should contain the following template: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/PDT:Procedure_Template

Work Instructions



ROD and COD Performance

Definition of ROD performance index

Oct 2011 to date

  • Please provide a link here

Definition of Operations Support metrics

May 2010-Sep 2011

Until April 2010

  • EGEE-III Operations Support metrics

Nagios tests

OTAG topics

Operational Portal: Dashboard


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