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Welcome to the Operations Advisory Group home page!

The OTAG mandate is to manage the development and evolution of operational tools in response to new scenarios and feedback from its users – primarily the NGI/EIRO Operation Centres and the EGI.eu Operations Team. New requirements are collected and prioritised, and ongoing development, testing and release activities are reported. OTAG provides a forum to discuss the future evolution of the operations tools and to agree tool roadmaps that meet the expressed needs of the EGI community. It has representation from the tool users, and the software product teams (both for operational tools and relevant middleware components) located within or external to the project. (EGI-InSPIRE Proposal)

Current membership


Accounting portal: Javier Lopez Cacheiro, A. Simon

GGUS: G. Grein, T. Antoni

GOCDB and accounting: G. Mathieu

MyEGI and central monitoing: D. Horat

NCG: E. Imamagic

Network monitoring tools: Guillaume Cessieux, Mario Reale

Operations portal and dashboard: C. l'Orphelin

Security monitoring: D. Kouril, C. Triantafyllidis

NGI Representatives

CERN: J. Shiers, M. Girone (deputy); Czech Republic: M. Ruda; France: H. Cordier; Germany: A. Poschlad; Greece: K. Koumantaros; Ireland: J. Walsh; Italy: G. Misurelli; Poland: M. Radecki; Spain: C. Fernandez; Switzerland: C. Witzig; United Kingdom: C. Devereux, J. Gordon


M. Ma


R. Rumler, F. Schaer, T. Szepieniec

ROD Representatives

M. Krakowian, M. Radecki


T. Ferrari


OTAG Mandate

OTAG Agenda pages