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The Operations Management Board (OMB) is a EGI policy board which aims to define policies needed to provide a reliable transparent infrastructure composed of multiple national infrastructure providers (Terms of Reference).

Contact information noc-managers at mailman dot egi dot eu
Membership NGI Operations Managers, EGI-InSPIRE SA1 task leaders, EGI.eu COO
Meetings OMB on Indico
OMB Documents Document DB
Google Calendar Google OMB calendar contains actions' deadlines and OMB events


ID Deadline Description Status Assigned to
11.2014/5 Contribute to OMB agendas with updates on their activities that can be of interest for the other NGIs Open NGI

Comments welcome for PROC19 and PROC20
Open NGI

Enabling Identity Federation in EGI through per-user subproxies: Discuss the proposal with your security contacts and site managers, to understand if it fulfils the sites’ requirements.
Open NGI

Comment on the security policy proposed by the LTOS working group
Open NGI
11.2014/1 8.01.2015
Fill metrics for PQ19
Open NGI
Contact EGI Operations if want to be part of the pilots. In particular if interested in supporting the LTOS with resources. Open NGIs
31.10.2014 follow up the dCache v. 2.2.X decommissioning, upgrade to supported version or open downtime until upgrade is performed Open
Find Early Adopters for: SQUID Open NGIs
Contact EGI Operations if want to be part of the Argus pilot Open NGIs
7.2014/7 ASAP
Follow up with their sites for the upgrade of the APEL clients to UMD-3 Open  NGI_DE, HR, UA, ROC Canada

Previous OMB actions