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The Operations Management Board (OMB) is a EGI policy board which aims to define policies needed to provide a reliable transparent infrastructure composed of multiple national infrastructure providers (Terms of Reference).

Contact information noc-managers at mailman dot egi dot eu
Membership NGI Operations Managers, EGI-InSPIRE SA1 task leaders, EGI.eu COO
Meetings OMB on Indico
OMB Documents Document DB
Actions noc-managers queue on EGI Request Tracker
Google Calendar Google OMB calendar contains actions' deadlines and OMB events


October 2013

  • ACTION 1. 01-10-2013 Deadline for upgrade of NGI SAM instances to SAM Update 22. This deadline will be changed in case of significant changes to the current SAM Update 22 tentative release calendar

September 2013

  • ACTION 1. 20-09-2013 Deadline for submitting an expression of interest for coordinating EGI IPv6 testing activities. Expressions of interest to OMB or operations at egi.eu
  • ACTION 2. 30-09-2013 NGIs deploying a national ARGUS instance to register that (emi.ARGUS) in GOCDB as part of the NGI service site/grouping
  • ACTION 3. 27-09-2013 ARGUS NGI. We need to progress with the implementation of the proof of concept of the ARGUS global banning infrastructure. Unless all NGI sites run an Argus, the NGI needs to provide an NGI Argus instance, i.e. a full Argus (with PDP and PEPd) is needed. Please contact EGI operations if you are planning to deploy an NGI ARGUS instance.
  • ACTION 4. 30-09-2013 NGIs to check that OPS VO is supported by all site services and that LFC tests are not disabled (results are missing for some NGI in ROC OPERATORS profile). To check which results are missing: http://grid-monitoring.egi.eu/myegi/gridmap/?groupname=&sitename=&vo=37&profile=26&dview=Status&grouptype=2&size=1&date=09-09-2013+13%3A17%3A54

Previous OMB actions