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The Operations Management Board (OMB) is a EGI policy board which aims to define policies needed to provide a reliable transparent infrastructure composed of multiple national infrastructure providers (Terms of Reference).

Contact information noc-managers at mailman dot egi dot eu
Membership NGI Operations Managers, EGI-InSPIRE SA1 task leaders, EGI.eu COO
Meetings OMB on Indico
OMB Documents Document DB
Google Calendar Google OMB calendar contains actions' deadlines and OMB events


ID Deadline Description Assigned to
31.10.2014 follow up the dCache v. 2.2.X decommissioning, upgrade to supported version or open downtime until upgrade is performed NGIs
9.2014/10 October OMB discuses offline Ava/Rel Ops Portal probe issue and come up with proposal at October OMB EGI Operations (Malgorzata)
9.2014/9 Find Early Adopters for: EMI3 CREAM-LSF,FTS3, CVMFS and SQUID NGIs
9.2014/8 October OMB
Answer to RA survey https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/RA_policy_survey NGIs
9.2014/7 Contact EGI Operations if want to be part of the Argus pilot NGIs
9.2014/6 Investigate need to have separate service type for NGI Argus’es EGI Operations (Peter)
9.2014/5 Evaluate changes in the certification status at site level. Discuss binding setting "PRODUCTION" & "MONITORED" statuses in GOC DB. EGI Operations
9.2014/4 Merge the site certification procedures (no. 9 and 18) EGI Operations (Malgorzata)
9.2014/3 to check the OPS VOMS configuration in Perun CESNET
9.2014/2 ASAP follow up new ops VOMS configuration at sites NGIs
9.2014/1 October OMB provide comments to EGI.eu SLA and Technology Provider SLA
7.2014/4 25.09.2014
provide comments to RP OLA and RC OLA NGIs
express interest in participating in Ops Portal AB – contact operations at egi.eu NGIs
7.2014/7 ASAP
Upgrade to UMD3, all services including APEL clients, or open downtimes until upgrade is performed NGIs

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