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Operational Tools Regionalization Task Force

Second meeting: 27th March 2011 14:00

EVO meeting coordinates

Complete EVO details Title: Regionalization task force

Password: regtools



GOCDB Regionalisation Plans

Confirmed development

  • Data grouping/scoping
    • Separate EGI/non-EGI data
  • Regional stand-alone GOCDB

Long term development

  • Regional synchronized GOCDB

One use case submitted: Regionalized GOCDB use cases

Operations Portal

One use case added in: Regionalized Operations Portal use cases

On demand regional alarms to be added into dashboard

  • Dependencies with:
    • Nagios


Regionalized GGUS use cases There are already xGUS instances in use, GGUS can interface with RT as an alternative for the reg. helpdesk.

No plans for a regionally deployable instance?

Accounting Portal / Metrics Portal

Accounting portal does not need big additional effort for develope a regional instance. It is basically a central instances that points to a regional accounting repository (Planned to be delivered by the end of 2011).

No dependencies with other tools


Regionalized Nagios use cases

Monitor sites and service not in central gocdb.

  • Regional GOCDB
  • Custom ATP

Add custom probes

  • POEM
  • ATP