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OMB actions history

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Go to the OMB main page page to see currently open ACTIONS.

October 2013

  • ACTION 1. 01-10-2013 Deadline for upgrade of NGI SAM instances to SAM Update 22. This deadline will be changed in case of significant changes to the current SAM Update 22 tentative release calendar

September 2013

  • ACTION 1. 20-09-2013 Deadline for submitting an expression of interest for coordinating EGI IPv6 testing activities. Expressions of interest to OMB or operations at
  • ACTION 2. 30-09-2013 NGIs deploying a national ARGUS instance to register that (emi.ARGUS) in GOCDB as part of the NGI service site/grouping
  • ACTION 3. 27-09-2013 ARGUS NGI. We need to progress with the implementation of the proof of concept of the ARGUS global banning infrastructure. Unless all NGI sites run an Argus, the NGI needs to provide an NGI Argus instance, i.e. a full Argus (with PDP and PEPd) is needed. Please contact EGI operations if you are planning to deploy an NGI ARGUS instance.
  • ACTION 4. 30-09-2013 NGIs to check that OPS VO is supported by all site services and that LFC tests are not disabled (results are missing for some NGI in ROC OPERATORS profile). To check which results are missing:

August 2013

  • ACTION 1. 02-08-2013 Submission of EGI-InSPIRE QR13
  • ACTION 2. 23-08-2013 To report on results of interoperability results conducted locally in order to contribute information to by August 23
  • ACTION 3. Deadline for commenting the Oct 2013-Feb 2014 OMB Calendar

June 2013

July 2013

June 2013

May 2013

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 27-05-2013 Provide feedback on the decommissioning of two ARC metrics: org.arc.AUTH and org.arc.SW-VERSION

April 2013

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 26-04-2013. Expressions of interest to participate to the task force on availability/reliability computation

February 2013

  • ACTION 1. NGIs to get in contact with the APEL team if interested in testing the regional repository version of the APEL DB
  • ACTION 2. NGIs to report interest in Debian support in UMD at Monday operations meetings
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE: 08-03-2013. NGIs To review inter-NGI reports before they are validated for PQ11 (Nov-Dec 2012 and Jan 2013). Inter-NGI reports are available from the Accounting Portal at: (DEADLINE: 08 March)
  • ACTION 4. DEADLINE: 19-03-2013. NGIs to provide feedback on UMD versioning (new major release with EMI 3?) by Tue 19 March. An additional major release will be needed before the end of 2013.
  • ACTION 5. DEADLINE: 22-03-2013. NGIs to provide feedback on the central emergency user suspension implementation proposal by Friday 22 of March.

January 2013

09-01-2013 Feedback to D4.7 EGI operations sustainability
11-01-2013 Expressions of interest to participate to the Resource Allocation task force
18-01-2013 Provide feedback about the OLA
21-01-2013 13:00 CET Deadline for submission of mini-projects
22-01-2013 Feedback solicited about the proposed policy of closing ticket after no reply from the submitter for an extended period of time Savannah ticket 133041
22-01-2013 Expressions of interest to contribute resources to the Resource Allocation testbed
22-01-2013 Participate to the survey on Federation of NGI services and central coordination
8 (Global task partners only)
25-01-2013 Provide information about status and evolution of operations global tasks here

December 2012

07 December Comments to the EGI GLUE 2 profile on the GLUE discussion forum
09 December Comments about the revised service operations security policy
20 December Comments about the UMD release policy (see minutes of the Nov OMB)
20 December To provide comments about the OLA

November 2012

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 02 November Submission of EGI-InSPIRE QR10 NGI reports
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 26 November Provide feedback about the following proposal: from 01 Nov lcg-ce tests are removed from the three SAM profiles: ROC, ROC_OPERATORS (the list of tests generating alarms into the operations portal), and ROC_CRITICAL (the list of tests generating results that are taken into account for Availability/Reliability reports)
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 28 November Report to the OMB about the number of NGI sites depending on a WN relocatable tarball

October 2012

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 12 October NGIs with sites interested in deploying CREAM in HA cluster setup are requested to provide feedback to the OMB about site setup configurations for what concerns: used shared file systems (NFS, GPFS, etc), used gateways (DNS, Apache server), load balancing algorithms in use (Round Robin, Weight based, etc), data replications see slides.
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 29 October Provide comments about new versions of Resource Centre Registration and Certification Procedure and VO Registration Procedure

September 2012

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 07 September All NGIs are requested to provide information about national and site-specific resource allocation policies. This information is needed to allow for better support and capacity allocation for new international user communities. It must be provided at: Operations/Resource_Allocation
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 07 September To report experience about VOs running on EMI WN at the following wiki page: NGI-VO_WN_tests. In case of issues, a security support of gLite 3.2 WN needs to be requested. Feedback from NGIs is fundamental.
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 07 September All NGIs are requested to provide information about their sustainability status after May 2014 and about the EGI Global operations services. Information will be used for the discussion at the OMB workshop hosted by the Technical Forum 2012. Please participate to the survey (see instructions).

August 2012

  • ACTION: (immediate deadline) To inform sites that unsupported gLite 3.2 products have to be decommissioned by 30 Sep 2012.
  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 03 August Submission of QR9 report and metrics
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 28 August To provide comments about the proposed accounting profile by 28 August 2012, so that these can be presented to EMI for implementation. NGIs comments must be provided to the OMB through the mailing list. The proposal was presented at the July OMB (see slides)
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 28 August To contact sites that are not publishing UserDNs to solicit re-publishing in case of gaps during the past 12 months. Information about sites with UserDNs gaps will be soon provided by the accounting portal through GANTT charts.

July 2012

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE end of July To express interest to the deployment of UI and/or CREAM through VMs, so that a virtual team can be constituted to discuss contextualization, configuration, etc (see OMB presentation).
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 16 July To provide comments about the site renaming procedure: Draft_PROC

June 2012

May 2012

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 02 May Submission of information for Project Quarter 8 as input to the project periodic report (instructions circulate by e-mail)
  • ACTION 2, DEADLINE 26 May To review the new software provisioning proposal by the 26th of May and to provide comments to the OMB list
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 28 May To notify the GGUS team in case of problems with the decommissioning of the old GGUS end-point

March 2012

February 2012

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 03 February Deadline of final call for comments about the Resource Centre Decommissioning Procedure
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 06 February To submit input to QR7
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 17 February Comments about the RC OLA and RP OLA v1.1 (see documents attached to the January OMB agenda)
  • ACTION 4. DEADLINE 23 February Participation to the IGE survey on current and future usage of GLOBUS products.

January 2012

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 15 January To submit new middleware requirements by January 15 2012. All NGIs are requested to contact their site administrators to involve them in this process. Requirements have to be submitted as RT tickets (Instructions). IMPORTANT: the call for requirements concerns all the deployed middleware stacks that are supported in EGI - ARC, gLite, GLOBUS and UNICORED).
  • ACTION 4. DEADLINE 19 January Proposal: new GOCDB roles

December 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 31 December To check the list of sites using the CERN BDII. If usage of the CERN BDII is NOT supported by the NGI, NGIs are requested to contact their site administrators to fix it.
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 31 December To check if your NGI hosts one or more SUSPENDED/CANDIDATE sites that entered this status bbefore 01 June 2011 (*).
    • All NGIs that wish to complete the certification/re-certification procedure for one of those sites, must send a GGUS ticket to COD (GGUS COD Support Unit) by 31 December 2011, and to proceed with the certification/re-certification procedure (PROC09). The list of SUSPENDED and CANDIDATE sites is available at Performance.
    • Starting in January 2012, all SUSPENDED/CANDIDATE sites that meet condition (*) and for which no tickets was sent to COD, will be closed by COD
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 21 December Comments to D4.4 Security Risk Assessment of the EGI Infrastructure
  • (CLOSED) ACTION 4. DEADLINE 19 December To discuss with ROD team the switching of new metrics to OPERATIONAL (org.nagios.BDII-Check, org.sam.CREMCE-DirectJobSubmit, hr.srce.LB-CertLifetime, hr.srce.MyProxy-Store, org.nagios.GridFTP-Check, org.sam.WMS-JobSubmit). In case of problems, feedback must be returned by the 19th of Dec to the OMB.
  • (CLOSED) ACTION 5. DEADLINE 16 December To send comments to the OMB mailing list about the proposed changes in GOCDB for the registration of NGI services, in order to produce NGI Availability/Reliability statistics. Depending on the feedback received, the proposal will be accepted/rejected at the OMB meeting in December
  • (CLOSED) ACTION 6. DEADLINE 14 December Participation to the EGI survey on SLURM support for CREAM

November 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 02 November Submission of QR6

October 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 16 October Provide comments to the updated OPS AUP.
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 14 October Review draft procedure for recomputation of SAM results and availability statistics
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 21 October Comments to the Resource infrastructure Provider OLA
  • ACTION 4. DEADLINE 21 October Provide feedback on the addition of org.bdii.Freshness to profile WLCG_CREAM_LCGCE_CRITICAL in the list of site-BDII tests

September 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 09 September Provide requirements for the extension of the current availability reporting framework. You already find a collection at (some of these are related to OLA activities): POEM_and_ACE_requirement.
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 09 September Provide comments to the revised COD escalation procedure for operational problem at site. The draft procedure is available at: PROC01#Drafts Changes were already discussed at the July OMB.
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 28 September. Comments about the new "Security Policy for the Endorsement and Operation of Virtual Machine Images" due (

August 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 01 August. Submission of Quarterly Report 5 (cover months: May, June, July)
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 05 August. Provide comments about the new proposed security policy "Service Operations Security Policy" (draft)

July 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 08 July. To provide feedback about the proposed policy for the recomputation of metric results and availability/reliability reports.
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 24 July. To provide comments and integrations to the top-BDII failover configuration best-practice: Proposal_for_TopBDII_High_Availability
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 24 July. To provide feedback if the proposal to anticipate the end of support of gLite 3.2 ARGUS should be rejected.

June 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 05 June. The EMI project has forwarded a list of products for which a collaboration from the NGIs and their resource centres is requested for proper scalability testing. Note that services to be involved in this testing are not supposed to be production ones (we shouldn't confuse this activity with the usual staged rollout that EGI already performs, and the testing activities mentioned in this mail will be run in collaboration with EMI, so are not part of the EGI-InSPIRE programme of work). Please express interest in participating at the following doodle:
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 30 June. Survey on deployed LRMS systems. Site managers (one per site) are invited to participate to a survey on deployed Local Resource Management Systems. Purpose of this survey is to understand what are the batch systems currently mostly deployed. The survey is simple and just requires a few minutes of your time. You can provide your feedback by the 30th of June at: The results of the survey will be made public and will be communicated to the EGI Technology Providers for a better support of the most popular systems.
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 30 June. Survey on top-BDII deployment scenarios. NGIs are invited to participate to a survey that aims at collecting information on the current scenario of top-BDIIs deployment. Top-BDII is a critical service that needs to be highly available. Various strategies to improve the robustness of the service are possible. The survey aims at identifying which NGIs have already experiences on this topic, and which NGIs are interested in high availability solutions for their information system services. In case of sufficient interest, EGI can put effort in the definition of a top-BDII deployment model that addresses these needs.
    Here it is the link to fill the survey:
  • ACTION 4. DEADLINE 30 June. Collection of EGEE requirements. See broadcast announcement

May 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 01 May. Deadline for submission of QR4. Submission of QR4 will follow the same procedure adopted for QR3. Information needs to be supplied on wiki. Links to submit the NGI report and metrics are available at NGI_QR_Reports_and_Metrics
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 16 May. At the January OMB meeting we discussed the mechanisms for the monitoring of uncertified sites before they join the production infrastructure. The solution discussed and approved relies on the the NGI Nagios service already deployed in production, which needs to be properly configured to take into account uncertified sites. In addition to configuration, an additional couple of services (WMS and top-BDII) for uncertified sites needs to be deployed.
As this solution is not suitable for small NGIs, EGI will provide one WMS and one top-BDII (catch all) for the NGIs that have such a need. These services will be operated by GRNET/AUTH (task TSA1.8). As these services are not critical, they will be operated in a best-effort manner (no HA configuration will be deployed).
If your NGI is interested please provide feedback.

April 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 06 April. ALL NGIs are invited to specify the list of components from EMI 1.0 that should be integrated in UMD at HIGH PRIORITY. Input needs to be provided here. Information on release notes per component (where available) are accessible from the EMI Release page.

March 2011

  • ACTION 1 (CLOSED). All NGIs to contact sites that deploy gLite 3.1 DPM to check problems and timelines to upgrade to gLite 3.2 or UMD 1.0, and to report the feedbacl to the OMB. In case of many sites with upgrade problems, we will request a memory leak in glite 3.1 DPM (due to a VOMS library) to be fixed by EMI.
  • ACTION 2 (CLOSED). DEADLINE 09 MARCH. To provide input on your self-assessment of NGI international tasks that will be used for MS109. Input is collected on wiki here.

NGI international task metrics will be collected by here

In case of sufficient interest this will be handed as a requirement to EMI.

February 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 10 Feb. Submmission of QR3 report and metrics:
    • Please supply NGI reports and metrics for QR3 at here
    • Please supply SA1 task reports and metrics for QR2 at here
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 10 Feb. Survey on supported OS platforms, LB, service management and monitoring (for EMI components). We would like to launch the first SA1 survey covering the following capabilities: Logging and Bookkeeping, Service Management and and Auditing and gLite-CLUSTER. All these capabilities are relevant to EGI and feedback - after internal processing - will be provided to the EMI project, so it is very important that you give this survey high priority. For some of the questions, you may need to consult your site managers. Instructions for submission.
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 10 Feb.Call for Requiements: EMI 2.0 and Nagios tests. The requirement gathering process for EMI 2.0 (ARC, gLite and UNICORE) needs to start now, as EMI software development will start in May 2011, and all requirements need to be internally gathered and prioritized in the OMB and OTAG (depending on the type of requirement), and then discussed at the Technical Coordination Board of EGI. All requirements are gathered through the RT requirements queue.
  • ACTION 4. DEADLINE 10 Feb. APEL-Pub change of policy At the last OMB in Amsterdam, we discussed the possibility to change the policies of the APEL-Pub probe. APEL-Pub is an OPERATIONS probe, which returns CRITICAL if after 30 days the site is not publishing accounting data. This probe was introduced during EGEE-III to enforce publication of accounting data (at that time a large fraction of sites were not publishing correctly). It is a OPERATIONS test, as it generates an alarm in the Operations Dashboard when it turns to CRITICAL. The Italian NGI requested this policy to be reviewed, to return CRITICAL after 7 calendar days (instead of 30), as lack of publication of accounting records after 7 days is a good symptom that something needs to be fixed in the site, and waiting 30 days makes debugging of the problem more difficult. As at the end of February the R-GMA central databases will be decommissioned, having this change of policy will help the RODs to pro actively support the sites that still have to migrate to the Active MQ client. At the OMB the majority of the NGIs were in favor, and a couple were not. We decided to poll the missing NGIs with this mail. So, if any NGI objects for this change, please reply by Thursday 10. Silence will be interpreted as agreement.

January 2011

  • Action 6.2 Review document Proposal for extensions to availability and reliability calculations and send your comments and feedback to the noc-managers list
  • Action 6.7 To send feedback and any new or missing requirement for EMI 1.0, and to prioritize the existing requirements list (the xls file was set to the noc-managers list on 23 Dec 2010)
  • Action 6.10 To send comments on the usage of a single EGI monitoring VO (OPS). Is the NGi in favour or is this proposal rejected?
  • Action 6.12 to review the current list of non-assigned components and volunteer to the staged rollout of those that are of interest to them (table)
  • To check the draft site certification manual and provide comments input to V. Hansper and Operational-documentation-manuals (at)

December 2010

  • Dec 03: deadline for informing about UNICORE and/or GLOBUS deployment plans for year 2011. Mail to Tiziana.Ferrari at
  • By Dec 14: deadline of collection of requirements on Service Management. Input is collected on RT
  • By Dec 20: provide feedback on training needs for the EGI user forum.The EGI User Forum, which will take place in Vilnius during the week 11-15 April 2011, is approaching. This meeting will be organized in cooperation with the EMI project. Training sessions about EMI middleware and EGI Operations can be organized according to your needs. The User Forum is an opportunity for all NGIs, especially the ones constituted recently or under creation, to get training in different areas.
  • Dec 21: OMB meeting

November 2010

  • Nov 16: OTAG meeting (agenda) on SAM requirements and developments
  • Nov 23: OMB meeting (agenda)

October 2010

Items for approval:

  • Oct 6 (previous deadine has been anticipated): deadline for submitting your NGI deployment plan of regionalized tools.
FOLLOWUP (19 Oct): deployment plans will be summarized in Milestone MS406
  • Oct 11: deadline for submitting comments to the gLite 3.2 transition plan
    • gLite Collaboration draft proposal
    • critical issues preventing deployment of gLite 3.2 components need to be reported on RT
FOLLOWUP (19 Oct): sent request of approval of the gLite 3.1 end of support draft calendar
  • Oct 18: deadline for supplying requirements for ARC, gLite, UNICORE middleware (EMI project). Requirements are gathered on RT, ticket 331
  • Oct 20: deadline for providing requirements for operational tools (EGI-InSPIRE JRA1). Feedback to the OTAG mailing list
  • Oct 26: deadline for submitting second EGI-InSPIRE QR