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Next middleware release

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Plans on CentOS8 for UMD

UMD5 with CentOS 7 and 8(?)

  • Pros
    • remove unsupported software in UMD-4 which makes keeping the repository consistent hard to the UMD team
  • Cons
    • Have to maintain 2 versions for a given period, along with a campaign to replace repo configuration on the sites is needed (replace UMD4/CentOS7 with UMD5/CentOS7)


  • create UMD5/C7 with all products that offer support all over the next years (ideally until 2024)
  • once it's ready, ask sites to switch: UMD4/C7 -> UMD5/C7; this will provide sites with a supported OS including officially supported products at least until 2024, and could allow starting the slow retirement of UMD4 (SL6 retirement starting at end of 2020, C7 to be eventually used only for products phasing out and doomed to dismission).
  • UMD5/C8: collect feedback from the providers


Activity order is: Planned, Assigned, Started, Ongoing, Completed

ID Creation date Action Assignee Status Completion date Depends on
1 2020-02-12 add CentOS8 to the supported platforms in the admin-repo William Done 2020-02-17
2 2020-02-10 Get plans on CentOS8 for all CentOS7 products Vincenzo Started
3 2020-02-10 Create instructions for CentOS8 on the Frontend Vincenzo Planned 8
4 2020-02-10 Preview repository for CentOS8 Alessandro Assigned
5 2020-02-12 Vincenzo to create the UMD5 release Vincenzo Done 2020-02-17 1
6 2020-02-12 create the configuration packages for UMD5/CentOS7 and UMD5/CentOS8 William Assigned 1
7 2020-02-12 add CentOS8 value in the RT Vincenzo Done 2020-02-19 1
8 2020-02-12 test with a dry run the whole process throught C7 and C8 Joao Started 5, 6, 7
9 2020-02-12 publish UMD5 on the frontend (instructions + menu) William Planned 3, 10
10 2020-02-12 include products and create UMD 5.0.1 Joao Started 8

Plans are:

  • dry run by end of July
  • include the first products and release by September

Supported products

Product Support for CentOS7 Support for CentOS8 Status and comments
XROOTD Y ToBeIncluded In EPEL8
Globus/GCT Y ToBeIncluded In EPEL8
GFAL2 Y ToBeIncluded In EPEL8
Davix Y ToBeIncluded In EPEL8
ARC-CE Y ToBeIncluded In EPEL8
StoRM Y Planned Support for C8 provided since v1.11.18. Latest v1.11.19 is recommended. Support for C8 will be provided in future releases.
VOMS-Admin Planned ? VOMS Admin for CENTOS 7 released.
VOMS-Server Planned ? VOMS Server for CENTOS 7 released.
APEL Y Testing Changes to build scripts for C8 being tested.
APEL-SSM Y Testing Changes to build scripts for C8 and Python 3 being tested.
ARGUS Y ? No feedback yet.
BDII-CORE Y Testing main package ported to py3, needs testing, missing openldap-server dep to be included in UMD5
BDII-SITE Y Testing same as above
BDII-TOP Y Testing same as above
CanL Y ? No feedback yet.
Canl-java Planned ? No feedback yet for C8. Planned on C7.
CVMFS Y ToBeIncluded Supported with cvmfs-2.7.0.
dCache Y Y C8 already part of CI test infrastructure.
DPM Y ? No feedback yet.
UI Y ? No feedback yet.
WN Y ? No feedback yet.
Frontier-squid Y ToBeIncluded The C6/C7 rpm tested successfully on C8, no problems found.
FTS3 Y ? No feedback yet.
gLExec & LCMAPS Y Y packages built and tested succesfully and available at
GridSite Y ? No feedback yet.
CGSI-GSoap Y ? No feedback yet.
QCG-COMPUTING Y ? No feedback yet.
QCG-NTF Y ? No feedback yet.
VOMS-CLIENTS Planned ? No feedback yet for C8. Planned on C7.
YAIM-CORE Y ? No feedback yet.
Globus-Default Y ? No feedback yet.
HTcondor Y ? No feedback yet.
HTcondor-CE Y ? No feedback yet.
Dynafed Y ? No feedback yet.
Globus-default-Security Y Y In EPEL8.
Globus-GRAM5 Y Y In EPEL8.
Globus-GridFTP Y Y In EPEL8.

Unsupported products

  • CREAM: EOL at end of 2020
  • L&B, lcg-clients, MPI, Proxy-Renewal, SLURM WN, TORQUE*, UNICORE*, WMS, SAGA, IGE-Security Integration, Gridway, GridSAFE, GSI_SSHTerm: already unsupported on C7