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(1) IPv6)
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= 1) IPv6 =
= 1) IPv6 =
* [[IPv6| <font size="4"> '''IPv6 related activities and survey''' </font>]]
[[IPv6| <font size="4"> '''IPv6 related activities and survey''' </font>]]
=  2) Tools provided by NGIs =
=  2) Tools provided by NGIs =

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Welcome to the wiki page about tools for network troubleshooting & monitoring, and IPv6-related matters. - Contact: network-support AT mailman.egi.eu

1) IPv6

  IPv6 related activities and survey 

2) Tools provided by NGIs

Tool Link
HINTS on-demand tests and measurements for network troubleshooting: https://grid-4.dir.garr.it (Server)
https://aresu.dsi.cnrs.fr/spip.php?article92 (Documentation)
NetJobs A Network Monitoring tool based on Grid Jobs : http://netjobs.dir.garr.it
RedIRIS PerfSONAR Installation DVD A DVD to easily install and configure perfSONAR E2EMon and MRTG: http://ftp.rediris.es/perfsonar/
LookingGlass A network looking glass: https://eginet.garr.it/LookingGlass/

3) PerfSONAR MDM - Multi Domain Monitoring and Troubleshooting - (PerfSONAR)

pS MDM Links
PerfSONAR MDM General Description of PerfSONAR MDM: https://forge.geant.net/forge/display/perfsonar/Home
PerfSONAR MDM Services Description of the pS MDM services: https://forge.geant.net/forge/display/perfsonar/Services
PerfSONAR MDM web page PerfSONAR MDM Web Page : http://www.geant.net/service/perfsonar/pages/home.aspx

4) Resources and Task Force

5) Plans for 2012 for EGI Network Support