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Before we could answer the question of "What should be captured about the conversations that NGIs have with scientific communities?", the members of the VT should answer:

  1. How much would Your NGI (or team) like to know about the conversations that other NGIs have with user communities?
  2. What kind of questions would you like to answer using information published by other NGIs? (e.g. Who are the potential users for workflow systems? Are there teams working on using e-infrastructures for fire simulation? Who are working on some type of integration of HPC and EGI cluster resources? etc.)
  3. Does your NGI already have a system in place to report about interactions with user communities? (e.g. Wiki, blog, newsletter)
  4. Would your NGI share the same details about conversations with users that you expect from other NGIs?

Please add your answers here:

Germany: Torsten Antoni

Finland: Vera Hansper

  1. A summary at this point, mainly with information about how to involve the communities. It would be useful to also know how interested or involved their community is internationally.
  2. A little unclear on this question.
  3. We have information through CSC's web site.  I would need to ask our PR people for more information on this.  Some emerging communities will certainly have a wiki.
  4. Yes, of course.

France: Genevieve Romier

  1. We do not have a specific system for that. On the one hand, we use the France Grilles (French NGI) team tools for internal communication. On the other hand, we distribute a newsletter (not specific to users commmunities). We currently work on a new France Grilles website and foresee to publish more practical informations for users and about user communities such as publications, software for example.
  2. Yes of course !

Hungary: Szabolcs Hernath, Robert Lovas, Agnes Szeberenyi

  1. Maybe a brief summary, how certain problems are handled..(but not sure about the target of this question)
  2. What sort of workflow frameworks are most common in your NGI amongst workflow communities (ASKALON, MOTEUR, WS-PGRADE, etc)?|What sorts of DCI middleware are used within your NGI? (ARC, gLite, Unicore, Globus, BOINC, etc.)|How can scientific communities access major computing, data and networking infrastructures and services?|What kind of portal technologies and best practices are the most widely used within your NGI? What is the dropout rate for user in the educating/becoming heavy users process?
  3. We only have GGUS ticketing in NGI_HU, where users can report their problems. NGI_HU members' news are aggregated at NGI_HU website (these news include those interactions). We support also non-NGI_HU users (Desktop Grid users, SHIWA, SCI-BUS users) for which we have regular newsletter (specific for each community).
  4. yes

Lithuania: Jelena Tamuliene

  1. Very strong :).
  2. It will be very useful to know how other NGIs involve the communities. Agree, that it would be useful to also know how interested or involved their community is internationally as well as how received support from the Government...
  1. Who are interesting in the international cooperation, i.e. to have possibility to discuss grid using problem in certain field. problem in
  2. We have user support system where users can report their problems and webpage with common items.
  3. Yes

The Netherlands: Tom Visser

Switzerland: Sergio Maffioletti

Poland: Mariusz Sterzel

Portugal: Goncalo Borges, Joao Pina

Slovakia: Jolana Sebestyenova, Peter Kurdel

Spain: Miguel Angel Nunez-Vega

United Kingdom: Claire Devereux