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In the table below, you should provide your self-assessment for the EGI-InSPIRE "NGI International Tasks" for milestone MS124 "NGI International Tasks Review"

For more information on how to complete the tables, read the dedicated Instructions Page


  • This milestone is an assessment of services from a managerial perspective and should be reported as an evaluation of the services (e.g. objectives being met; resources to effort; issues; suggested strategic changes).
  • 'DO NOT' report what your NGI did for those tasks/services as this is covered by the Quarterly Reports.
  • In order to edit this page, you need to log in with your EGI SSO account and click 'edit' on the tab (top of this page).

Community Engagement

EGI-InSPIRE Task Task Name Assessment Score How to Improve After EGI-InSPIRE**
*NA2U.2E Marketing
NA2.1N NGI International Liaison
dissemination channel between and NGIs improved, idea of NIL representation improved situation 4
NA2.6N Distributed Competency Centre
rather positive experience with VT teams 4 motivate VT team members to be active (to evaluate quality of membership not quantity -the number of participation in the VT teams)

*Please provide your external assessment on the quality of the service, which is delivered as a Global Task (scores and feedback will be included as part of MS123 - Global Task Review).
**Please comment on the continuation or service impact at the end of EC funding regarding the EGI-InSPIRE task/service.


EGI-InSPIRE Task Task Name Assessment Score How to Improve After EGI-InSPIRE**
SA1.1N NGI Activity Management coordination using mailing lists and regular OMB and Grid Operations meetings works reasonably well, we appreciate better awarness of global tasks' progress 4 Activity has to continue independently on type of post-InSPIRE project
SA1.2N A Secure Infrastructure The Czech NGI has been taking advantage of the oversight and assessment of security issues that is steadily performed by the EGI CSIRT/SVG as well as of potential heads-up's that are sent for dangerous issues (including qualified suggestions on how to mitigate/remove the risk). As member of the security monitoring activities we also leverage the tools develepod and deploy them in our NGI. 5 If the service isn't provided after the project has been finished, there'll be a huge gap in both personal and expertise, which will require significant time to fill in. We'd also miss the coordination of operational security with both and other NGIs and experts.
SA1.3N Service Deployment NGI_CZ didn't allocated effort for this task, but we participates in staged rollout for several services. Staged rollout is well organized with well defined procedures. 4 We are ready to continue with current extent.
SA1.4N Infrastructure for Grid Management NGI_CZ has no national GOCDB or Operations portal instance, national Operations portal was switched-off due to missing support from EGI and our impossibility to spent our effort on local extensions. We still think that we missed chance to merge operations portal of national grid and Czech contribution to EGI. ROD staff primarily relies on SAM/Nagios as source of alarms, central operations portal is used only for compatibility with EGI, national operations tools are running independently. 3 Better support for possible local extensions of operations portal, integration with local services, more open development. Using SAM/Nagios will remain essential, it's unclear of MyEGI dashboard can replace operations portal
SA1.5N Accounting Central accounting works fine, we are waiting for regional server, it will be deployed for sure. 4 Faster support for regionalization, allow local extensions. If regional version is extensible enough, it may merge with national accounting system. otherwise support for second instance of accounting service is questionable.
SA1.6N Helpdesk Infrastructure NGI_CZ national helpdesk interfaces is implemented on national level, using RT ticketing system, which is integrated with with GGUS. Current setup works satisfactory, there are no plans for changes. 4 GGUS upgrade sometimes creates some compatibility problem. testing is done regularly, but could be improved. National RT ticketing system works independently of EGI, RT/GGUS interface will remain supported.
SA1.7N Support Teams Support is provided via RT ticketing system or through integrated GGUS, no changes are planned. 4 We support mainly VOs where Czech users are active, the same level of support is planed for post-InSPIRE project.
SA1.8N Providing a Reliable Grid Infrastructure NGI_CZ is running top BDII, MyProxy and national CA, as well as services for several VOs; reported problems are resolved with minimal delays 4 We are prepared to run these services after the end of EGI InSPIRE.

**Please comment on the continuation or service impact at the end of EC funding regarding the EGI-InSPIRE task/service. If you have no information you can leave this column blank.