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This page contains the assessment of the NGI International Task at year 1 of the EGI-InSPIRE project (one page per NGI). The NGI representatives are required to fill the tables according to the required information. The content will be integral part of the EGI-InSPIRE milestone MS109 "NGI International Task Review"

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User Services

Human Services (Table 1)

Table 1: NGI Assessment: User Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA3.3N U-N-3 U-N-13 Requirements Gathering No particular system on local scale. None planned either. May come up in direct interaction like on training events or over the support system. 3 No direct need for improvement seen. Will profit from increased interaction with future training events.
NA3.3N U-N-14 U-N-15 Application Database Current user community is using applications that should already be part of the Application Database 3 Increase the number of interested users.
NA3.3N U-N-16 U-N-17 Training New training guidelines are about to be written. So far training was provided in interactive dedicated sessions per user group on demand. 4 Improved and more generalised training will be achieved with the new howtos, which will also enable us to reach a bigger user community.
NA3.3N U-N-12 U-N-18 U-N-19 Consultancy Local expertise in direct interaction with the known user groups is excellent and leads normally to increased satisfaction. 4 All the accumulated knowledge has to be written down, merged and generalised.

Operations Services

Human Services (Table 2)

Table 2: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.4N O-N-9 Requirements Gathering your assessment here 3 how to improve
SA1.1N O-N-9 Operations Coordination No problems what so ever in internal coordination can be detected and presence at OMB at all times could be achieved. 4 More proactive engagement might be possible.
SA1.2N O-N-9 Security Experienced security officers work excellent and fast together with highly motivated sysadmins. Information is propagated on different communication media for perfect goal achievement and immediate knowledge-sharing. We tend to be finished, before other NGIs even start. Gained experience and working solutions are forwarded over the security mailinglists to help the others get going. 5 We could always be even faster.

Infrastructure Services (Table 3)

Table 3: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Infrastructure Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.3N O-N-9 Software Rollout The software rollout works very good. New releases and bugfixes of the ARC middleware are installed in a timely manner on all systems in Sweden. 4 More precise deployment schedules could be introduced, to make the process even smoother.
SA1.4N O-N-3 Monitoring write here 0-5 write here
SA1.5N O-N-2 Accounting write here 0-5 write here
SA1.4N O-N-1 O-N-4 Configuration Repository and Operations Portal write here 0-5 write here
SA1.6N SA1.7N O-N-6 O-N-7 Helpdesk write here 0-5 write here
SA1.8N O-N-5 O-N-8 Core Services write here 0-5 write here

Other (Table 4)

Table 4: NGI Assessment: Other
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA2.3N Policy Development write here 0-5 write here
NA2.2N E-N-2 Dissemination write here 0-5 write here