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This page contains the assessment of the NGI International Task at year 1 of the EGI-InSPIRE project (one page per NGI). The NGI representatives are required to fill the tables according to the required information. The content will be integral part of the EGI-InSPIRE milestone MS109 "NGI International Task Review"

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User Services

Human Services (Table 1)

Table 1: NGI Assessment: User Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA3.3N U-N-3 U-N-13 Requirements Gathering Some information was received on our mailing list. We have obtained a lot of useful feedback from the representatives of organizations through the main NGI meeting, organized in November 2011, and follow-up communications and meetings. It appears that users need HPC capabilities for their work (at the moment we do not provide one). Additional extensive assessment is being done through targeted questionnaires orchestrated with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and more specific questionnaires in larger research institutions. 4 Several user communities have expressed requirements for HPC jobs, so a HPC-enabled cluster is being built and an existing cluster will be integrated as a new grid-site in 2011.
NA3.3N U-N-14 U-N-15 Application Database We currently have separate application databases for gLite and ARC interfaces. 2 Currently the application databases are separated and do not integrate well the information on versioning, availability etc. We plan a complete reconstruction of the system to be more user-oriented and helpul.
NA3.3N U-N-16 U-N-17 Training An "ARC school" training event was organized in May 2010, since then no trainings for users were organized but some training for administrator took place in the process of new sites integration and consultancy. We have organized NGI meeting in November 2010 and invited the interested faculties, institutes and agencies. Further technical support was available by mailing lists and (video)conferences. We have provided a detailed documentation for the end users and for site administrators. 3 When needed we will organize a workshop for end users (more interest for Nordugrid Arc middleware).
NA3.3N U-N-12 U-N-18 U-N-19 Consultancy Since we have a small grid community, we have provided most of the necessary support by mailing lists and instant messaging. Some face to face meetings we arranged as well, where we have advised our users individually. Extensive targeted consultancy took place for new sites, in particular the Faculty for Civil Engineering. 4 We are satisfied with the work done, but there is always room for improvements. Face to face meetings are hard to arrange (we do not have a lot of staff with time and/or necessary skills).

Operations Services

Human Services (Table 2)

Table 2: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.4N O-N-9 Requirements Gathering your assessment here 4 how to improve
SA1.1N O-N-9 Operations Coordination We have very good nation coordination with grid sites and VOs, but lack sufficient present in the central bodies due to lack of manpower. 3 We hope to improve our presence in central bodies once extensive work on integration of existing national resources is finished.
SA1.2N O-N-9 Security We have established integration and coordination between the grid security incident response channeles and the national CERT through Arnes. Our security set-up seems to be effective and responsive at this time. 4 More tools and informational services will be needed for future growth of the national infrastrucutre.

Infrastructure Services (Table 3)

Table 3: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Infrastructure Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.3N O-N-9 Software Rollout Due to the long established software testing and roll-out role of the Jozef Stefan Institute grid site for gLite and ATLAS, we have extensive technical know-how (with the ability to run different software stacks on the same cluster) and procedures in-place to provide a good software rollout and feedback solution. 5 More work on reporting and feedback is planned in the future, pending additonal man power.
SA1.4N O-N-3 Monitoring We have a central national Nagios, both sites are monitored through this software. Each site has a site egee-Nagios as well. We are monitoring bandwidth, disk usage, network usage, load etc. by cacti. Mails and messages are sent to site administrators when a problem occurs. In addition, we are running the global Nagios monitor for IGTF. 5 We will add monitoring the I/O operations as well.
SA1.5N O-N-2 Accounting Both sites are publishing, for gLite and ARC. We have devloped a solution for gLite and ARC accounting integration and are ready to deploy the systems to the new sites as they come up. 0-5 For ARC, better support for VO information is needed.
SA1.4N O-N-1 O-N-4 Configuration Repository and Operations Portal write here 0-5 write here
SA1.6N SA1.7N O-N-6 O-N-7 Helpdesk Support is provided on mailing lists and instant messaging, documentation is available on wiki pages. We also arrange face to face meetings when needed and provide technical support by telephone or consultation. 3 We cannot provide more at this point and it is not needed.
SA1.8N O-N-5 O-N-8 Core Services Both sites have their own central services: gLite WMS, CreamCE, LBS, APEL, BDII and ARC server. New partners will make use of them as well. 5 ?

Other (Table 4)

Table 4: NGI Assessment: Other
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA2.3N Policy Development write here 0-5 write here
NA2.2N E-N-2 Dissemination Due to extensive workload with site integration and low man power considering the tasks, our dissemination efforts have been relatively low but very targeted. 2 We are in the process of starting bigger dissemination campaigns involving national papers, specialized magazines, radio and TV.