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NGI International Liaison

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EGI members (NGIs and EIROs) as well as EGI partner states/regions delegate International Liaisons to EGI. These International Laisions (NILs) have a key networking role in the EGI community. NILs work together with the EGI Foundation and with each other to link non-operational activities from their own country/institute/region with the rest of the EGI community. One of the most important of these non-operational activities is Engagement with new communities. With the NIL acting as a spearhead, each country (or EIRO or region) is able to connect its non-operational activities to the European landscape, and receive information on how the European landscape evolves. NILs demonstrate the added value of the country to new communities and to other NGIs. NILs connect the following activities from the national level to the European level (NILs don't necessarily perform these activities, but are connected to the people who do within the local NGI):

  • Proactive outreach to new communities
  • Promotion and communication of NGI services, EGI services
  • Training, workshops
  • Support for new users/communities

EGI defines and implements its Engagement Plan with the help of the NILs.

The NIL role and about their coordination within EGI

  • The NILs are subscribed to the <> email list which is used for coordination and discussion of activities. List archive is available at
  • The NILs are involved in the development and implementation of EGI's Engagement Strategy (, ie. reaching out to new communities, collecting and analysing their requirements, setting up support for them.
    • Abstract of the EGI Engagement Strategy document: EGI Engagement reaches out to scientific communities, to national initiatives, to the long tail of science as well as to SMEs and industry and supports them in tackling scientific challenges using reliable and innovative ICT services and solutions. The Engagement Strategy coordinates EGI members’ activities to accomplish this complex mission, ultimately contributing to the European effort of building a sustainable digital e-infrastructure ecosystem for research. The Engagement Strategy document describes the specific goals of the EGI engagement activity, details the various tasks that this activity involves, provides information about the human networks and online resources and tools that help the community implement this strategy, as well as provides an action plan for the upcoming months.
  • Regular teleconferences are organised for the NILs - Currently with a bi-monthly freqency. Future and past events are available at The meetings provide an important forum to update each other about recent development and future plans concerning national and European-level community outreach and engagement activities. (A 5 min. slot is offered for every NIL to report at these meetings)
  • Face-to-face meetings are organised twice per year for the NILs. These meetings are co-located with the main EGI Forums/Conferences (one in the spring and one in the autumn).
  • Newsletter emails are sent to the NILs' email list (~every 2/3 weeks) by Gergely Sipos to inform the NILs about the latest news from the EGI engagement and user support area.
  • The NIL activity is coordinated by the Customer and Technical Outreach Manager of, Gergely Sipos (

Resources for the NILs - To be successful in reaching out and supporting new communities

List of NILs

International Liaisons from EGI members (NGIs and EIROs)

  • CERN:
    • Bob Jones
  • Belgium:
    • Stephane Gerard, VUB
    • Olivier Devroede, VUB
  • Bulgaria:
    • Todor Gurov, IICT-BAS
    • Aneta Karaivanova, IICT-BAS
  • Croatia:
    • Dobriša Dobrenić, SRCE
    • Emir Imamagic, SRCE
  • Czech Republic:
    • Ivana Křenková, CESNET
    • Luděk Matyska, CESNET
  • Estonia
    • Ivar Koppel, University of Tartu
  • France
    • Genevieve Romier, CNRS
  • Republic of North Macedonia
    • Anastas Mishev, UKIM
    • Boro Jakimovski, UKIM
  • Greece
    • Kostas Koumantaros, GRNET
  • Italy
    • Luciano Gaido, INFN
    • Laura Perini, INFN
    • Davide Salomoni, INFN
  • Macedonia
    • Anastas Mishev, UKIM
  • Poland
    • Tomasz Piontek, ICBP
    • Mariusz Sterzel, CYFRONET
  • Portugal
    • João António Tomásio Pina, LIP
  • Romania
    • Mihnea Dulea, Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering
  • Slovakia
    • Ladislav Hluchý, IISAS
  • Slovenia
    • Jan Jona Javorsek, JSI
  • Spain
    • Isabel Campos Plasencia, CSIC
  • Switzerland
    • Alex Upton Switzerland ETHZ
    • Dean Flanders, SwiNG
  • Turkey
    • Hakan Bayındır, TUBITAK
    • Feyza Eryol, TUBITAK
    • Onur Temizsoylu, TUBITAK
  • United Kingdom
    • Ian Collier, STFC

EGI members without a NIL

  • Netherlands
  • Sweden

Liaison contact points in other countries and regions

  • Armenia:
    • Hrachya Astsatryan, IIAP NAS RA
  • Belorus
    • Serge A. Salamanka, UIIP NASB
  • Cyprus
    • Marios Dikaiakos, UCY
    • Maria Poveda, UCY
  • Estonia, ETAIS
    • Ivar Koppel, University of Tartu
  • Denmark, UCPH
    • Martin Laimonis Veicherts, UCPH
    • Anders Waananen,
  • Georgia
    • Nugzar Gamtsemlidze, GRENA
    • Ramaz Kvatadze, GRENA
  • Hungary
    • Robert Lovas, MTA SZTAKI
  • Israel
    • Zivan Yoash, IUCC
  • Latvia
    • Dana Ludviga, IMCS-UL
    • Leo Trukšāns, IMCS-UL
  • Lithuania
    • Jelena Tamuliene, VU
  • Moldova
    • Petru Bogatencov, RENAM
    • Nicolai Iliuha, RENAM
  • Republic of Serbia
    • Antun Balaz, IPB
    • Dusan Vudragovic, IPB
  • Russia
    • Ilyin Viacheslav, E-ARENA
    • Korenkov Vladimir, JINR
  • South Korea
    • Soonwook Hwang, KISTI
    • Jik-Soo Kim, KISTI
  • Taiwan
    • Vicky Huang, AS
    • Simon C. Lin, AS
  • Ukraine
    • Andrii Golovynskyi, V. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics NAS of Ukraine
    • Steven Newhouse

Confirmed contacts to handle EGI Service Orders

  • France: NIL (see above)
  • Turkey: (This includes also the NILs)
  • Italy: Luciano Gaido, Davide Salomoni and Laura Perini (see above)
  • Belgium: Stephane GERARD and Olivier Devroede (see above)

Meetings and Minutes

News & Actions