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Operations Meeting Main

How to connect

Connect Via Phone:

Following DFN ISDN Gateways are available: Germany - Berlin:+49-30-2541080 Germany - Stuttgart:+49-711-6330190

If requested please enter following conference number: 97922688


  • Minutes of last meeting


  • Meetings/conferences
5-9 September 2011
GridKa School 
Karlsruhe, Germany 
8-9 September 2011
Paradiso workshop
Brussels, Belgium )
19 -23 September 2011
EGI Technical Forum
Lyon, France (
  • Availability/reliability statistics
There was the question from John Alan Kennedy from MPPMU why MPPMU's scheduled downtime  [08-07-2011 16:00 to 15-07-2011 16:00 
UTC] was not taken into account. Explanation from Dimitris Zilaskos: Downtime was only marked as 'at warning'.
For the problem of UNI-Siegen-HEP we will wait untill the statistics of August and we will see if the situation has improved.
  • Monitoring
  • Staged rollout/updates

Round the sites

  • BMRZ-FRANKFURT (Uni Frankfurt)
new wn's (exchange the old hardware), now we have 37kHS and ~4800 jobs slots at DESY-HH.
100% occupancy (mostly cms, atlas, but also ilc, and hera).
  • FZJuelich
  • Goegrid
  • GSI
  • ITWM
  • KIT (GridKa, FZK-LCG2)
Business as usual.
GridKA school next week. 
  • KIT (Uni Karlsruhe)
  • LRZ
  • MPI-K
  • RWTH Aachen
  • SCAI
  • Uni Bonn
  • Uni Dortmund
  • Uni Dresden
  • Uni Freiburg
  • Uni Mainz-Maigrid
  • Uni Siegen
  • Uni Wuppertal
  • CSCS
Business as usual despite some issues with Lustre filesystem (scratch) that we hope to fix in the upcoming weeks by replacing it by GPFS with SSDs for metadata.
  • PSI
  • Switch

Note: please update your entry at if needed.

Status ROD

  • Any problematic tickets?
  • Handover of the ROD shift

(from DESY-HH, week before) - nothing serious to report, but to mention that In NGI_DE there is discrepancy in the number of published job slots (GoeGrid - two times then in reality) and in the apel statistics (MPPMU - wrong SI2K). Proposal - can we have the table in NGI_DE wiki with the actual number of job slots, total HS for all sites in NGI_DE, so that we can compare this with the information from bddi,gstat,gridview and contact sites in case of disagreement?

This week: 35 29.08 04.09 Team2, FhG (SCAI)

Next weeks:

36 05.09 11.09 Team3, KIT

37 12.09 18.09 Team4, JUELICH

38 19.09 25.09 Team5, BADW-LRZ

  • ROD Workshop @ EGI TechForum.
ROD team’s session on Thursday September 22nd in afternoon at 4. Have a
look at the agenda at:


If you have additional topics to be discussed during the meeting, please submit them in advance via our email list email list.