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Use of subgroup "/ops/NGI/Germany" for NGI-DE Nagios Tests

  • Support for VO subgroup /ops/NGI/Germany on CE/CREAMCE

The VO mappping on the site CE /CREAMCE need to be configured to support the ops subgroup /ops/NGI/Germany As reference here is a sample how the ops vo subgroups are mapped in the voms-grid-mapfile on the CEs at FZK_LCG2 site:

 "/ops/Role=NULL/Capability=NULL" .ops
 "/ops/Role=lcgadmin" opssgm
 "/ops/Role=lcgadmin/Capability=NULL" opssgm
 "/ops/Role=pilot" .ops
 "/ops/Role=pilot/Capability=NULL" .ops
"/ops/*" .ops   (matches also /ops/NGI/Germany)
  • Support for VO subgroup /ops/NGI/Germany on SE

Following is an example of how to configure SE in order to support vo /ops/NGI/Germany. Suppose that the SE is a dCache system.

In /etc/grid-security/grid-vorolemap there must be a line like this:

"<dn>" "/ops/NGI/Germany" <username> Here, <dn> can be “*” to all the DNs map on the same role /ops/NGI/Germany. The <username> is arbitrary(e.g. ops001),

However, the same username should be used in /etc/grid-security/ storage-authzdb as here: authorize <username> read-write <uid> <gid> ///

The <uid> and <gid> is site specific and should be known by the site administrator. It may be necessary to enter /ops/NGI/Germany also in the LinkGroupAuthorization.conf.