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NGI CZ:VO auger: operations

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VO auger operations

Here I start to write public notes about VO auger operations. Another documentation is on auger wiki pages. They have restricted access to Auger members and there are cases, where we want to communicate with sites, where system administrators are not members.


  • 2014-07 Decommissioning of the Wuppertal site (for the VO auger)

Due to a lack of resources the site will not support VO auger anymore. We must move all files to other storages. Details are on Prague Twiki.

  • 2014-08-01 [ticket 105962] - solved after quite some times. What looked as a site problem turned out to be a problem on WMS, which showed only for some sites (depending on the OS version. and had to be updated with gridsite package version >= 2.2.0. There was a [|broadcast] about it February 2014. At that time the update was applied only to wms3 server, which is used in tests. That is the reason we did not get notification from tests.

--Chudoba 11:08, 1 August 2014 (CEST)