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NGI CZ:VO auger

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VO auger is one of the biggest resource consumers of the EGI grid. It is used for Monte Carlo simulations of the extensive cosmic ray showers. Reconstructed signal is compared with measurements of the Pierre Auger Observatory.

VO auger central servers

  • VOMS server:,
  • LFC server:

Resources for the VO auger

Czech Republic

    • Prague site:
      • Storage: 46 TB of disk space total (for all supported VOs), 15 TB of it reserved via space token AUGERPROD for production
      • CPU: No special reservations, 72 cores available in total
    • Data Storage at Pilsen:
      • Storage: 7 TB of disk space total, 5 TB of it reserved via space token AUGERPROD (for production), remaining 2 TB of disk space for auger users; arround 100 TB available on tape via space token AUGERTAPE (with 1 TB disk buffer for write and another 1 TB buffer for read). Available since November 2012.
  • FZU (Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), site praguelcg2:
    • Storage: 122 TB of disk space for VO auger, 54 TB of it reserved via space token AUGERPROD for production
    • CPU: fairshare set to 2% of published 3860 cores

--Chudoba 15:15, March 3, 2014 (CET)